Capture The Colour

I do quite like entering photography competitions. I rarely win anything, but now and again I get surprised. My hopes for this one are quite low though. Because I suspect the competition will be tough. But it was fun looking through my Flickr albums, picking out five shots that qualify. The theme is simple: red, blue, white, green and yellow.

My snaps come from across three different continents and four different countries – the US, the UK, Mexico (twice) and Sri Lanka. I wonder what became of those trains in Sri Lanka. I shot the photo in 2003, but a year later that massive tsunami sent from Indonesia swept quite a few of their coastal trains away.

The Obrador photo is from 2006. Although it could just as well be 2012. The white whale tale building? That’s possibly my most successful photo ever – it was published in a book about the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright a few years ago and is used on Wikipedia and elsewhere. The door handle was shot somewhere in Oaxaca.

I now have to nominate five other bloggers. It’s the rules. Canuck in Cancun, GoMexicoGuide, The Mija Chronicles, Mexpatriate and AngelineM. Entry is voluntary, but I chose you guys because you’re all quite keen on photography, and even if competitions aren’t your thing, well it’s a great excuse to go have a look back on your old albums and have a ponder about the colours you capture. That alone made this worthwhile for me.

Click on any one of the photos below to activate the gallery.


2 thoughts on “Capture The Colour

  1. Well, we do have to just go for it and give it our best shot (pun intended)….who knows what the judges will go for. Thanks again for throwing my name in there. I’ve got some selections I plan to post from trips to Puerto Vallarta and Hawaii, and possible from here in Northern California.
    Good luck on your entries!!


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