Tech Lust

I may have ended my 365 project early, but I still take plenty of photos with my Samsung Galaxy S2, and the results are all still making their way to Instagram and my InstaGary site. And It’s still all good fun, playing with new apps and filters. The latest app I’ve discovered is Painteresque, available on Android, and by far the best filter I’ve found yet for turning photos into paintings. The results are shown in the picture below.

But my main photographic interest, if not the main source of my snaps quantity wise, is still my Olympus Pen. I haven’t used it as much of late But I have plans for my Pen. I have my beady eye set on a new lens. It’s an f1.7 unit, priced right and would enable me to get so much more out of the camera. It isn’t just the lack of a bright piece of glass at the end of the sensor holding me back though.

My laptop. I bought it in 2008, and it shows. The CD drive stopped working years ago, as they always seem to do with laptops. The camera and speakers have also since died. USB ports are ceasing to function. And despite reformats to clear the clutter, it’s just so, so, so slow. Painfully slow. Made worse by the fact that I’m running, or trying to run, the latest processor and RAM intensive photo and video editors. As far as other programs are concerned, I run resource-light apps and software to try and keep things moving. For antivirus software I use Norton – it keeps the bad guys out of my system. Just as importantly it lets the good guys in my system function properly. It is quite possibly the only  program that I do use that is both up-to-date and easy on resources.

It is, most definitely, time for a new laptop. I have my beady eye cast on a few units. HP, Sony, Samsung and Lenovo are all candidates. It’s just going to depend on who is offering the biggest bang for my buck when the time comes for me to buy. No brand is off the list though, other than Apple, so suggestions/recommendations are welcome.  My requirements are quite simple. A minimum of an Intel Core i5 processor, 6 megs of RAM and a 17″ screen.

I’m just a little peeved that I’ll be buying a few weeks before Windows 8 is released. Although that might not be a bad thing. I’m sure I’ve read that last minute Windows 7 buyers will get a free update, and maybe I can hold off going through with that update until everyone else has suffered from the early release bugs!


4 thoughts on “Tech Lust

  1. Kim G says:

    Well….This doesn’t exactly meet your requirements, but in May 2011, I bought a Toshiba Portégé R835-P56x 13.3-Inch LED Laptop. It is VERY speedy, will run between 6-8 hours on a battery, and is quite light. The only drawback? The display is a piece of shit with regard to color. Yes, I could get around to calibrating it (and that’s been on my to-do list for some time now), but the color varies rather dramatically depending on viewing angle. So it’s not good for photo editing. Blah!!!!!

    Given your interest in photography, I’m surprised you don’t want a MacBook pro. They have lovely displays, and overall function quite well. I have to say, my next computer may be one of those.

    In any case, if you dally long enough, perhaps I can buy you one here and take it to Mexico with me. LOL


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where our old Sony laptop has a much better screen than the current model, but otherwise has slowed to the speed of treacle on the proverbial cold morning.


    • Kim G says:

      P.S. Aside from the display, the Toshiba has been quite satisfactory. Speedy, light, reliable, with a very fast startup time. It’s a good choice for something light and portable. I’m sure that there’s a similar model now with a faster processor, but mine has a Core i5 which I still believe is relatively current.

      Also, it’s amazing what you can get for your dollar/pound these days in laptops. My old Sony cost me just short of $2K, the Tosh, about $835. These days, about $600 will buy a very decent laptop.

      Happy shopping, Amigo!


      • Prices have indeed become an awful lot more reasonable. Although I’ve never quite had $2k to dump on a laptop before! Sadly…!

        I really would prefer a British model laptop by the way. My HP is a US one bought from the now defunct Circuit City. I am sick to death of typing Alt 0163 to get a £ sign!


    • Battery life and portability aren’t terribly important to me, because it won’t be moving from it’s spot in the ‘computer room’. Screen is very important to me. That’s why Sony is on my list – the Vaio I bought in 2005 had a fabulous screen. Dual lap tech or something or other. Whatever, it was excellent, whatever the viewing angle. My current HP is nowhere near as good.

      A Macbook of any kind is off my list for a simple reason – price. I don’t doubt they are excellent, especially the new retina screen models. But are they worth three to four times the price of a decent Sony? I’m not convinced. Of course, if I have a lottery win in the next few weeks, maybe I’ll give them a look! 🙂

      I really want a 17″ model because it’ll have a numerical keypad at the side. But I’d go to a 15.6″ if the price is right and it has an HDMI outlet…..I could always spend the saving on a nice 20″+ LED monitor…


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