Olympics 2012

One More Olympian Sleep

It’s almost upon us. Like it or not, the Olympic Games begins tomorrow night. Well, actually it began yesterday, but heh ho. The Opening Ceremony is tomorrow, anyway. What sort of a show will us Brits put on? Like everything Britain has done over the last thousand years, it’s been kind of whipped up on a shoestring by a bunch of eccentric  and slightly odd fellows helped along by a mob of enthusiastic followers. Hopefully, we’ll pull it off.

There’ll be a few hiccups along the way, I’m sure. Although whether yesterdays flag cock-up was an accident or a dig at the Commies is for you to decide. I guess we’ll soon know. If the Argentine team get branded with the Falkland Islands flag and Russia march into the stadium with the Hammer and Sickle…

But here’s hoping it’s all a great success. How can it not be, with Boris Johnson overseeing the event? I leave you with the loveable buffon describing how the games will work in his own words…


4 thoughts on “One More Olympian Sleep

  1. Seems like I have been watching Olympic games for more than a week. Mexico lost to Japan (that was an official game – no?) Also a bunch of volleyball happening etc. But – yes – will be watching the GRAND Opening ceremonies tomorrow in the afternoon I believe.


  2. The video was a hoot. But, then, I like Boris. And he is even better in parody.

    As for the Olympics, those of us without television will rely upon the meager (for this event) reporting of The Economist.


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