Olympics 2012

Adios Londres

So. Did everybody enjoy the show? I hear the reaction in Tehran was lukewarm. Although they are still upset at the 2012 logo spelling out ZION. And the French were a little….what’s the word? Sour? They’re still upset it wasn’t Paris 2012. Everyone else seemed to enjoy it just fine. The closing ceremony had it’s ups and downs. It’s hard to put on a three hour concert that keeps everyone happy throughout. My biggest disappointment? Roger Waters and Dave Gilmour playing Wish You Were Here – the crowd would have taken the roof off. Ed Sheehan isn’t the same. As for the Spice Girls….well, they weren’t the worst act that night! They were actually quite fun! Pet Shop Boys and Madness…..naff. Which is a shame, because I like them. Here’s a farewell music video to  say goodbye to the London Olympic Games 2012…

PS. Rather bizarrely, and contrary to all aesthetic norms, the GB ladies were quite possibly the hottest bunch in the games!


2 thoughts on “Adios Londres

  1. richmont1234 says:

    I enjoyed it just fine. Got to see the opening and closing ceremonies which were great. Was able to catch some of the sporting events too. But got personal touch through your pictures!


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