A Grand Camera

If I had a £1,000 to spend on a camera today….well, there sure are plenty of nice cameras. You could get a hell of a DSLR for that money, with a nice lens. But I’d probably pass on a DSLR. For reasons I’ve given so many times before. It’s largely overkill. I don’t need to have a DSLR to get creative. A DSLR is often a hindrance to having fun. And it’s regularly the sort of camera that stops you from getting the fantastic shot at all – there’s very few of us who’d drag our DSLR around with us 24/7.

If I had a grand to spend today, I’d pick two cameras. The newish Fuji X-S1. It’s the ultimate Bridge camera, with a sensor twice the size you’d normally find in such a unit. I loved my old HS10, which looks similar, and had great fun with it. Bridge cameras are so flexible and they can get some really great shots. But, like DSLR’s they are bulky. I’d want a pocket camera too. There are some fantastic pocketable cameras out there now with larger sensors, fast lenses and all the manual options you’d ever need. The new  Sony RX100 is probably my pick of the bunch at the moment.

Sadly, I don’t have £1,000 to be spending on cameras right now. Shame, but nevermind. I still have fun with what I’ve got. I get a whole load of fun out of my Samsung mobile phone camera and the Instagram app – see my pic here. But there is another route to photographic fun. I’ve been following the Lomography ‘movement’ for a couple of years, and I’d rather like to get in on that. It’s a step back in some ways – they’re cameras with film. Not digital. And they are cheap, plastic cameras. With plastic lenses.

But they look to be a lot of fun, and have a pretty active community. And it is a different style of photography. You have to think more before you shoot. There’s no deleting these images – you just have to throw away expensive duffs. That should focis the mind, and help you focus the lens while you’re at it. There’s a whole range of cameras and camera designs to choose from and they range from £59 to several hundred GBP. They’re not really that cheap for what they are. But II could see myself wanting to build a little collection of them. I’d quite the Guv’nor Edition to start with though. A little reminder of London. We’ll see….


6 thoughts on “A Grand Camera

  1. You are getting me in a camera mood again. I purchased my Panasonic on your recommendation, and I have not regretted it one bit. But that Fuji looks very nice. And for far less than the cost of a cruise.


    • I am pretty certain you’d be thoroughly impressed with the X-S1. It looks a magnificent camera and gets pretty rave reviews. So it should, given the price. There’s no other bridge camera on the market to match it at the moment. Of course, I haven’t tested it yet. But I had the HS10, and that was great.

      If the price is more than you’d want to pay, there’s always the HS30. It has a little more range in the zoom but a smaller sensor. It’s more than half as good though, I’m sure. But if I had the cash, I’d plump for the X-S1….that big sensor makes a worthwhile difference.


  2. O.k. I’m behind the curve here. What is a “bridge” camera? One between consumer and pro?

    By the way, I’d never go back to film. I could barely take a decent photo with a film camera, but I’ve done quite well with a digital camera.

    Don Cuevas


    • I’ve always assumed that the large bodied, long zoom compacts were called Bridge cameras because they ‘bridge the gap’ between normal compacts and DSLR’s. But that’s just my assumption.


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