The Customer Is Not Always Right

A few months before I abandoned Mexico, I published a book entitled ‘TEFLers Guide to Mexico’. The title was perhaps a bit misleading, although not entirely untruthful. It was just a collection of my blog posts. I turned into into both a printed book and a Kindle book, available on Amazon. I became a published author. Self published, but who gives a damn. It’s another item crossed off on the ‘Things to do before you’re <enter next birth decade here>’ list. The Kindle book has also sold beyond all my wildest expectations. Mind you, my wildest expectations were that it might sell one or two.

And sales equal profits. I like profits. They come in handy. I have been meaning to create a second edition for the last year and a half, and do a proper job on it. In other words, accompany the selection of blog posts with a whole load more photos and a large section, especially written for the book,  that is actually all about TEFL and might actually give a potential English teacher a decent idea of what the industry is like. I haven’t gotten around to that so far, but I will.

I have also seen the potential for another book. A short book. Ok, a really short book. A magazine, maybe. I’ll call it Home Insurance for Morons. Or something similar, but perhaps more diplomatic. I’ve picked up a few things in the last year and a half, selling home insurance. As would be expected. I’m certainly going to stop short of calling myself an expert. But I’ve gotten the gist of how it all works. I’ve also come to understand that the general population doesn’t have much of clue what they’re doing, or what they’re buying.

How many times a day do I hear people complaining that insurance companies will wiggle their way out of paying a claim? Roughly the same amount of times I hear people saying ‘well, of course I didn’t read the documents. Who ever has time to read those?’ I reckon theres a pretty strong link between those two complaints. The number of complaints I hear from people when they find out that a home insurance policy isn’t a white goods warranty or a home maintenance plan or another random unrelated product.

I get a surprising number of calls from people who expect that compensation for injuries is covered.  Personal and Public liabilities cover is not the same as legal expenses cover, which many people deem to be surplus to their requirements when taking out home insurance. Fell over a broken paving slab? Walked into a rogue lamppost? Slipped on a mean spirited puddle of water? Tsk. Be more careful, but don’t call your home insurance company. Call someone like injurylawyers4u uk, who are far more likely to be able to help you.

Of course, the best part of any insurance related book are tales of customers who have called in with the most hilarious, tragic, ignorant or surprising incidents. Names and identifying details will be omitted but their stories must be told! A tame taster for you, and how not to cancel your policy. Customers are often prepared for a combative attempt to retain their business when they phone – they’re already hostile and determined to say ‘no’ straightaway. I recently received a call to inform me ‘I am phoning to cancel my policy’. Ok. I asked for her name and policy number. ‘No, just cancel it’. And she rang off.

I am quite certain she will be surprised, shocked and outraged when she discovers that her policy hasn’t been cancelled. And she will express amazement when she is informed that, generally speaking, we can’t cancel unidentified policies from anonymous callers. It’s not just us. Take your pick from any of the Which? recommended insurers. There isn’t one of them that claims to offer mystical services of a mind reading nature.

Anyway, I hope to have both these ‘books’ done by the end of the year. And with a little luck they will add to the growing pot of money I have in my Amazon account, for Kindle sales. I probably have enough there already to buy myself a Kindle! Then I could buy my own books. Till then, I leave you with a  random photo from the past, because all my posts must have a photo…

Fire And Fear


10 thoughts on “The Customer Is Not Always Right

  1. I have thought about putting together a Mexico book based on my posts. But every time I get started, the material seems too dated. Maybe I should just spend my time working on my eulogy.


  2. Kim G says:

    The insurance book sounds promising. Funny stories will always have a market. I’m sure you could fill it with puns and the like. Maybe you could even call it something like, “Uncovered: Hilarity Beyond the Deductible.”

    And I’d definitely make two books out of this. One boring one about how to buy insurance, and the second one about the humor. Or, on second thought, reverse that order. The humor one would also be easier to write, and likely a better seller too.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’d be delighted to have a little more hilarity with our insurance cover.


    • I just don’t think I’d have the time or patience to pad both those concepts out enough to create two books! Besides they do go together. Part One – how to choose your insurance. Part Two – what happens to you if you don’t read Part One ( and why we’ll be laughing at you).


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