Free Brainwashed Postcard

I am no art expert. I couldn’t tell you the difference between brush stroke and splatter. I do know that it’s best if you cut off an ear before you start painting, and that it helps further the value of your work if you die. Preferably young, in a bizarre and painful manner. Extra dollars are added if there’s a whiff of conspiracy, I believe. But that’s your lot. My knowledge of art is exhausted at that point.

But that’s not to say I don’t like a bit of art now and then. I do appreciate a good piccy. What sort of art tickles my taste buds? I like something creative. Colourful.¬†Imaginative. Different. I like stuff I can relate to. Be it a person or a place. The status of the artist usually means little to me.


I first saw the image above on Facebook. Except someone had added ‘the people of Mexico’ to it. At the time, I had no idea the Mexican reference had been added. I assumed it was a bizarre, but brilliant, piece of graffiti someone had seen in DF. But I bumped into it again last weekend, without the Mexico part. It turned out I had stumbled across the latest gallery of Mr Brainwash.

The gallery is situated in the Old Sorting Office, just around the corner from the British museum. You can’t miss it. The exterior is plastered in giant pieces of his stuff. It’s a mix a graffiti, art and funky sculptures, and not everyone appreciates it. But it ticks all the boxes listed above, plus one more. It’s fun. Why do art critics have to drivel on about techniques, how many assistants an artist has and the qualifications the artist boasts? Why can’t art just be fun sometimes?


Just to add to the visitors experience, you get a free poster and postcard when you exit the gallery. Free entry, free poster and free postcard – what’s not to like about that?! I’m easily pleased, of course. I’m keeping the posters – Paola and I picked one up each. But I’d like to give away the postcard. I used to enjoy popping postcards off to strangers who’d stumbled across my blog, back when I was in Mexico.

Do you want this postcard? It can be yours! Write a note in the comments to claim it, and then send me the address I should post it to using the Contact page. The rules regards eligibility? Simple. You must be outside the UK, and mustn’t have received one of my postcards from any of my old giveaways. If you’ve misssed out and the card has already gone, you can always check out my photos from the exhibition on Flickr by clicking here.


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