A New Mexico

The podcast I’ve embedded at the bottom of this post is a recent show from the BBC, called Mexico Rising. It is, happily, a more positive look at Mexico. Although when not looking at the ‘big’ picture of Mexico’s growing economy, it also paints the more personal, and often depressing, picture of life that most Mexicans lead.

There are plenty of very wealthy people in Mexico City living in plush homes in nice neighbourhoods. They are, needless to say, vastly outnumbered by those who live in poverty in shanty towns. It puts the economy in the UK into perspective. Whilst more and more people in Blighty need to look into a debt management plan to help sort out their finances, there are very few people this side of the pond who wonder if there will be a meal on their dinner table in the evening. The recession that began in 2008 was hard on Mexico. Harder than any other large Latin American economy, and harder than it was on either UK or US. But the country is rebounding

It will be an entirely new adventure for me. The Distrito Federal is full of opportunities and pitfalls. The battle with bureaucracy and corruption, with the ever present issues of health care and security – things we take so much more for granted in the UK. When I return to Mexico, it will be with a very different set of goals and challenges than I faced in 2003. I’m older, I’m going for longer. Things will have changed, and I’ll have to learn some of the ropes again.

I’ve been busy researching visas and other bits and pieces relevant to a fresh immigrant. Senor Calyso today points out how much outdated junk there is on the internet. He’s not kidding. It’s virtually impossible to sift out the current relevant data from the trash. In the real world, leaflets, brochures, documents and guides get binned and new editions replace them. In the virtual world, the old stuff that’s been lingering around for years seems to get pushed to the front of search engines. I’ve gotten in the habit of entering ‘2012’ to my searches. Sometimes that works…

I’m open to tips and up to date info, especially on visas and health care. I understand that legislation is ready to radically change the FM3/FM2 visas, but hasn’t yet been implemented. I don;t know what this will mean for me. Private health insurance is also important. I have a ‘get out of jail card’ in holding a British passport. Mrs P doesn’t, unless we stayed longer in the UK and got her citizenship, and I have to make sure she’s taken care of. I’m all ears. Enjoy the podcast.




4 thoughts on “A New Mexico

  1. Just recently caught a problem with Rollie’s information – but he was quick to correct it. Even, perhaps especially, the Mexican government’s web information is often dated, incomplete and definitely confusing.


    • ….and completely likely to be interpreted in a n utterly different way by the sullen bureaucrat you have to deal with. But that’s because they don’t care to mention ‘la mordida’ on the official websites.


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