Mexican Olympics

The Olympics, Paralympics are over. Completely finished. No more turning on and off flames or waving Union Flags, or singing God Save the Queen, or pretending to sing the second verse of God Save the Queen, of which no one knows the words. It is over. But what a blast it was. Patriotism is something that has become controversial in some people’s eyes in recent years, with an accusing light shone (quite rightly) on the negative aspects of nationalism. But there’s nowt wrong with cheering on your band of brothers, and sisters, in a positive, competitive and sporting arena. And boy did we cheer.

Many great things have come out of the Olympics. Team GB won a bucket load of medals. The country had something to be happy about. The recession, austerity, murders and the impending implosion of the universe in general were all consigned to small columns buried deep in the back pages of newspapers. And Boris Johnson took a giant step towards becoming Prime Minister one day soon. You don’t know Boris? He’s the most brilliant, bumbling buffoon you could ever wish to see. A most loveable buffoon. Who tells it like he sees it. Sort of. His Team GB parade speech was great. His GQ speech better. And getting stuck on a zipline was no embarrassment. That’s the great thing about being a buffoon. There’s no such thing as a gaffe or awkward moment. Did you watch those videos? You might doubt my sincerity. But he’s definitely a PM in the making. Watch this space.

I cheered on the British team as loudly as anyone. In my rather reserved, not-very-loud manner. Except in the football. I cheered on Mexico. I would have cheered on Mexico even if they had come up against the British team. I cheered them on from the beginning. It turned out to be a great decision, given that they won gold.  I paid no attention to the British team whatsoever.  I’ve given up on England and Britain as far as national football is concerned. I still think it’s a disgrace that the English FA, and all other significant national FA’s didn’t simply resign from FIFA the moment that Qatar were awarded the right to host the 2022 World Cup. But then the FA are, and have for a long time been, an utter disgrace. A shambles. A national embarrassment.

I can’t quite believe they picked Roy Hodgson to be England manager. It’s as unbelievable as FIFA ranking England the 3rd best team in the world, when quite clearly they are not deserving of a place even in the top ten. For the Olympics they chose Stuart Pearce. Who is everything wrong about English managers. Some would describe him as a safe pair of hands. I’d describe him as the same old ‘one foot in the grave’ sort of chap. He didn’t pick Beckham for the Olympics. It was, Pearce claimed, a decision he made based on form. Beckham has been knocking in 30 yard screamers for LA Galaxy all season. Instead he picked Ryan Giggs. Who can barely get through a match.

Pearce is an idiot. You might think his prior record qualifies him. He managed Manchester City, a club he took from high up in the Premier League to near relegation, setting records for low scoring. He then lead England youth teams to various humiliating thrashings in world tournaments. So it made complete sense to install him as Great Britains first manager in decades…

I’m beginning to digress. Anyway, the upshot is this. I’m going to go and live in Mexico someday soon. I’ll never be Mexican, no matter what any document says. But I want to engage in being at least a little Mexican from time to time. I remember in the 1980’s, British Asians got a hard time for supporting the Indian, Pakistani and Sri Lankan cricket teams when they played England. Which was completely unfair. But still, it’s good to support your adopted country. And I have no problem in casting aside my home nation in favour of Mexico as far as international football is concerned. This is, it has to be said, my own way of protesting at the ineptitude of the English FA and the scam that is the England team. And I can be won back. But I don’t see that being likely in the foreseeable future. I make this pledge to Mexico – I will cheer on El Tri in Rio in two years time. Even if they play England.

As far as the Olympics are concerned though, I’ll stick with Team GB. One of the joys of having multiple allegiance is, of course, being able to pick and choose according to whim and current form! I’ll sign off my coverage of the London 2012 Olympics with one final video. One last blast of unashamedly brash patriotism. Courtesy of the Last Night of the Proms.

[youtube http://youtu.be/mB2ExggPg2w&w=500&h=315]

7 thoughts on “Mexican Olympics

  1. Kim G says:

    This was a hysterical post. But I think you’re far too tall to ever be a “little Mexican.” No matter what any document says.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we too are too big to ever be a “little Mexican.” LOL…


  2. “I cheered on Mexico. I would have cheered on Mexico even if they had come up against the British team.”

    Mexico is my home. I support Mexico teams including events like, diving, archery and even the equestrian competitions 😉 Regardless who the opposition was – Mexico was and is my team, You are a good guy to support Mexico – it is a good thing 😉 Viva Mexico!


    • Mexico has never been my permanent home. Despite spending six years there, I was always aware of the intent to return to the UK.

      Of course, it’ll be different next time. And I guess that’s one of the context’s behind much of my posting about Mexico these days. I have a very different mindset and attitude.

      I’ll always cheer both Mexico and England/GB. We meet too rarely in the sporting arena for there to be any great conflict of emotions.


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