The Mexican Winner

I’ve been looking out for Mexican dining options since arriving back in the UK in 2011. Sadly, most of the restaurants I’ve found purporting to be providers of fine Mexican cuisine are non-starters. I won’t even waste my time in walking through the door. The menu displayed on the window or door tells me all I need to know – Tex Mex. Which is not, of course, Mexican. It might be a good Tex Mex restaurant, but it’s not what I’m looking for.

I held out hoped for Wahaca, following the owners TV series. But that turned out to be 99% Tex Mex too. Not real Mexican food. I’ve since discovered Benitos Hat, but the atmosphere was a little dull. And Mestizos, but the staff aren’t the friendliest and the £55 Independence Day charge was extortionate.

That leaves just Lupitas, behind Charing Cross Station on the Strand. Not cheap, but not expensive either – a fair price. Genuine Mexican food. And a Mexican atmosphere. Mexican staff! It’s a real little piece of Mexico in London. We had a booking for last night at 9.30pm, but our plans changed and we had to do dinner earlier. They were heaving, but still managed to smile and find us a table for four. Look no where else for your Mexican experience in London!

Viva Mexico  Cabrones! I hope you all had a jolly good time if you were out celebrating Hidalgo’s big night.



15 thoughts on “The Mexican Winner

  1. VIVA! I live in Mexico, Michoacan to be more exact but even here it is difficult to find authentic Mexican food. I know Mex-Tex food and love it but it is not Mexican. Back on the US-Mexico border it is fine. While there is not one authentic Mexican dishes to be found in even in Mexico it depend on where you are. I have found that here if you can find a good local cocina ecomomica, loosely translated a home grown inexpensive kitchen, then you may get a taste of truly authentic local Mexican food. But make sure the you tell them that you do not want them to serve you the food prepared for tourists!


    • ‘…that you do not want them to serve you the food prepared for tourists!’

      That line just reminded me of all the times Mexicans would look at me with great concern as I picked up a spoonful of habenero to splash on my food, and tell me that it’s very hot and would be too much for me.

      These are people who are unaware that a Chicken Vindaloo is staple English fayre. We had a friend from Mexico visit us recently. On more than one occasion she was unable to cope with the spicy food that gets served here 🙂


  2. Andean says:

    The Sombreros are a nice touch 🙂
    I always look for authentic Mexican, hard to find, even in Mexico, when I do, I try to eat my fill, till next time.
    My favorite place here in the NE closed a long time ago. Nothing has been the same, open to suggestions in the Tri-State area…


    • I do miss my favourite food joints in DF. Los Chavos especially. It’s just a normal tacqueria, but their tacos la pastor are sublime. I also liked that the chief waiter would always bring me exactly what I wanted without even needing to take my order. Of course, when you’ve been going to a place for years and always have four tacos and a coke, I guess he doesn’t need to be a genius…


  3. Christine Potter has been kind enough to steer me to a couple of “authentic” Michoacan restaurants in Morelia. They are quite good. But, like all cuisines, things change. And “authentic” too quickly turns into nostalgia. And pretty soon we are talking about the stunning graphics of Windows 95.


    • I ate exactly what I just recommended to Emm! I also had an horchata. However, I think someone forgot to dilute it….it was overpowering to say the least! It has been fine on my previous visits.


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