A Hollywood Moment

There’s a famous film star in this photo. Mrs P noticed the person strolling by, not I. It made her day. Who is he or she? Typically, in  Brit quiz style, you’d be asked to send in your answers on a postcard. But today, you can post your entries in the comments and I’ll send a London postcard to the first person who guesses correctly. You haven’t got the faintest idea? Have a wild stab in the dark anyway. For every wrong answer, I’ll provide a clue. You can keep making guesses, there’s no limit.



27 thoughts on “A Hollywood Moment

  1. OK well will we argue about famous – because I do not see Brad or Angelina. Over to the far left is a guy in a teal shirt that looks like Jimmy Durante – but then he’s been dead for 32 years and I doubt that Mrs. P even knows who he is.

    I am not up on my Bollywood actresses – so not sure about the Indian woman in the front (probably would be too obvious anyway).

    That brings us to the woman in front of the Peckham 12 bus (in the reddish sweater and glasses). She has a very familiar look – but does not seem famous (at least to my perspective).

    Right in front of her – the girl with the RED hair – I thought maybe she was Kelly Osbourne (Ozzy’s daughter). But, she is not a famous actress and no not really think she is Kelly.

    Then moving to the right there is the woman with the off the shoulder gray dress and sunglasses (she looks less famous than the woman in the red sweater, but hm.

    Last with have to wonder about the blond girl on the far right – famous – not to me – but she does have a familiar look.

    I am going to go with the woman in front of the Peckham bus 12 – in the red sweater and glasses – but I do not know her name.

    Are you stretching that “famous film star” title? 😉


    • You’re looking at all the wrong people amigo! And I’m most certainly not stretching ‘famous’. Not at all. The person concerned has been a star on the small and big screen since the 70’s, and has plenty of blockbusters on his CV.


  2. Andean says:

    Wild guesses are, justin Beaver on left, Kelly Osbourne(even though her hair supposedly is now purplish-gray) in the middle, the guy in the black t-shirt in the back left can look like Chester Bennington, but can’t see if he’s wearing black earrings.


    • I used to work in a posh convenience store in Gloucester Road, Kensington many moons ago, where stars of film, stage and sports fields would come in pretty regularly. But I missed the big one. We had a staff do at the Stanhope Tavern, just a couple of shops up from us, one night, to do some karaoke. I gave it a miss. Bruce Springsteen came in and did Born in the USA with two of my mates. I wouldn’t have believed them (and didn’t until…) if it weren’t for a photo of the sing-a-long going up above the bar a few days later. Absolutely gutted…


  3. Haven’t read the comments yet but the guy walking away (with the bald spot) sort of looks like the guy who played the English washed-up singer in Love Actually – Have no idea of his name but I’ve seen him in a couple of other movies so am thinking it’s him…. ?


  4. Kim G says:

    Seriously? We your loyal readers are supposed to know British actors from behind? Kudos to Dan, but I can barely recognize most of them head-on. Never from the back.

    That said, when I lived in Los Angeles, there were famous actors running around all over the place. Mostly unnoticed by me, but my BF at the time had an eagle eye and was constantly pointing them out, including fairly obscure ones. However, I don’t ever recall him spotting them from behind. A face was always required for recognition.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we used to live a block over from where Mark Wahlberg grew up. But we never saw him visit.


    • Oh ye of little faith Kim! I never doubted for a minute that someone would get it. I did rather anticipate having to give away plenty more clues that in the end was necessary.

      Mrs P is the more eagle eyed star spotter of the two of us, however. She was prodding me to look over when he was walking towards us but still a good 30 to 40 feet away.


    • Oh Angeline! Bill Nighy is one of the finest actors in the world! Star of Love Actually, Pirates of the Caribbean, the Constant Gardner and about 100 other movies! See the video clip in my comment for a quick introduction!


  5. Kind of a shifty contest – I have to say even though I wrote and considered just about everyone else – I gave that guy a consideration as Donald Trump with the comb over 😉 Mainly because that is obviously a VERY expensive suit he is wearing. I recall Nighy in a terrific little film about ice ream truck wars – have never been able to find it on any movie source. As you suggest a fine actor. Very tricky amigo!


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