Musicals and Memes

Weren’t the Olympics great? Unless you were a London hotelier, restaurant owner or theatre company. In which case, it seems the Olympics weren’t so great. Empty beds, empty plates and empty seats throughout the grand sporting event. I have to say I didn’t quite get why this happened, even though it is a common trend in recent Olympiads. London’s airports shipped jumbo loads of extra visitors, putting a huge strain on the capitals airports. Where did the all sleep and eat? And surely they must have gone into town when not watching the games? And what sort of London visitor would want to miss out on a West End show?

I love the theatre. Especially musicals. I went to see Thoroughly Modern Millie on Broadway in NY – my favourite show ever. Singing in the Rain is full of cheese and as equally full of fun – I saw that in Bournemouth at the local theatre. And who didn’t love JC Superstar? I saw that on television. It’s now been turned into a live show, which I’d rather like to go and see at the O2 Arena. There’s not long left as it’s ending its run soon, so I guess I’d best get myself some Jesus Christ Superstar tickets fairly soonish.

It’s a good time of year to take in a show too. The evenings are drawing in, and the air is chilly. It’s time to get inside somewhere warm after dark. And even if the theatre companies suffered during the summer, I’m sure they will see a rebound heading into Christmas. By the way, I know Emm in London went to see JCS recently, so I’m sure she’ll have a review up on her blog soon.

Before any trip to London though, I have another musical event to attend. They guys has become this centuries ultimate internet meme. I’ve been sat here for what seems an eternity (about 3 minutes) straining my brain trying to work out how to insert a literary version of this viral video. And I’ve failed you. I’ll have to leave the video to reveal all. Yes, Mrs P and I are going to step back into the 80’s and go see him…



4 thoughts on “Musicals and Memes

  1. I loved Jesus Chris Super star on Sunday! But sadly, I forgot my camera. We’ll see, I might try write up soemthing about it tonight but I am definitely feeling the strain right now with respect to real life vs blogging!


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