Fuji X-S1 Video Sample

The next piece of my Fuji X-S1 review is to show what sort of video the camera can shoot. It’s nice and easy to shoot video – as with most cameras these days there is a dedicated video button on the back of the device to get recording straight away. The camera also has the option to record at a couple of hundred frames a second for decent slow-mo shooting, although I have yet to put this to the test.

The result below is a little unfair on the camera. Once I had compressed the footage and uploaded it to YouTube, the output was noticeably degraded when compared to the original video files on my laptop. But still. The result is good enough, in my opinion. For what I would need to do with it. I’m sure that with a little tripod use and more time spent with the post processing, the results would be be better still. The footage is shot from around Budapest, during my recent holiday there. It was a fantastic week away, and I will have photos and a post or two to come.

A quick note on YouTube – they have finally enabled long time users like me to change from the pre-Google ownership usernames, to my proper Google user name. Important? Well, I signed up to YouTube on a whim originally, and as an anonymous viewer, not as a producer. So choosing the username ‘Chunderbuttocks’ didn’t matter much. Nowadays though….well, Chunderbuttocks isn’t really what I want to be known as. It’s been a minor annoyance to have that moniker attached to my YouTube account all these years. But no more. Adios Chunderbuttocks.


4 thoughts on “Fuji X-S1 Video Sample

  1. Kim G says:

    Nice video, though the auto-focus seems a tad slow. As for the quality, I agree with your comments on the compression; my guess is that it probably looks wonderful on your own monitor. I personally have little (actually almost no) experience with videos, but it seems that there are better and worse ways of compressing them. Some YouTube videos look terrific, while others don’t, and I’m not sure what the difference is, but I’m guessing that compression options have a lot to do with it.

    Budapest looks cool; makes me want to go there.

    Am here in DF with my camera, but yet again have failed to take it out of the house. I missed a great sunrise the other day by a matter of a mere 10 minutes, but then I fully know that that fabulous morning and evening light changes in a flash, so I have only myself to blame.

    Great to have you back blogging.


    Kim G
    DF, Mexico
    Where we’ve been enjoying hanging out.


    • I seriously need to explore different options with video creation. I am sure that there are superior product to PowerDirector, but I’m just too used to using it to change. Although I also suspect that I’m not getting the most out of that piece of software.

      There’s judder in the video that isn’t present on the original file. The slow auto focusing is, of course, obvious in both. It’s one of the trade offs when going for a compact. There’s no way round it. At present, anyway. The Fuji, especially at the long end of the zoom, isn’t immune.

      DF gets closer. Tick tock, tick tock. I’m currently waiting to see what’s what with the visa rule changes.


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