Ten Thousand

Yesterday’s post was the first in a couple of weeks. It’s been an awfully long time since I went that long without publishing anything. To be honest, it would probably be healthy to have breaks now and again from the blogosphere. But anyway, as was rather given away in yesterday’s blog entry, there was a valid reason for my absence. A week in Budapest, Hungary. Eight days and seven nights to be exact. That account for half my period of absence. The other half? Working through the 1,300 plus photos I took with the Fuji X-S1 I bought. And just working. You know…the day job.

Budapest is a truly fantastic city. You get a true two fer one, seeing as Buda and Pest were originally individual cities, brought together into a more singular entity only in comparatively recent times. I went there is 2004 and didn’t hesitate given the prospect of returning. It’s a city of spas, with plenty of thermal baths to choose from. It’s a city of fabulous architecture. It’s a city of ancient history, recent trauma and culture galore. Those who have been to Mexico will notice the place to feel oddly familiar. As I understand it, the Americas were populated with Mongolian expansion. And the Mongols got as far west as Budapest. Who knows, maybe there’s something there…

Of those 1,300 odd photos I took, just over 500 made the final cut. Which is an unusually high number. I shoot liberally and repetitively and I’d normally delete about 70 to 80 per cent of the shots from any trip. To be fair, 142 of those photos were of myself or Mrs P, many of which would have been trashed in normal circumstances. She often grumbles at my deletion policy, so on this occasion I put every single one of them in a folder and uploaded the lot. No processing, nada. Click here to see them on Flickr. She’ll be happy, and that’s all that matters.  Another 50 odd of the photos are ones I’d normally have deleted, but have saved in a ‘Memories’ album. We have incredibly fond memories of Budapest, and they are worth saving.

So that leaves just 300 worthy photos. Although, let’s call it 350. I would have published some of the snaps of Mrs P and myself. These numbers are about right. But amongst all this number crunching, there’s one figure I should highlight above all others. The number ten thousand. Yes, now we get to the point of the post. During my flurry of uploading, I posted the ten thousandth photo to my Flickr account. It’s taken quite some time to get there. I joined Flickr sometime in 2005, and became a Pro member in 2006. I think ten thousand photos is an impressive milestone. The photo that became numero diez mil? This one….



9 thoughts on “Ten Thousand

  1. Oh my! 10,000? Diez mil? Congratulations. I tend to shoot repetitively also and in trying to delete, get all confused about which shot is a wee bit better than the other. Dios mio. But you sure picked the perfect # 10,000.


  2. Kim G says:

    Initially I thought you were going to write about your ten thousandth blog post. That thought got me wondering how many comments I’ve left on various blogs. As you know, some of my comments can equal the initial post in length.

    But I guess I’ll just have to keep wondering.

    Meanwhile, I’m starting to think you could well be the only person I’ve ever known who would be in danger of actually wearing out a camera. That is if you hung on to them.

    So I suggest you don’t tell prospective purchasers of your used kit about this blog until after the sale has been consummated.


    Kim G
    DF, México
    Where we did manage to haul the Canon D30 out to Coyoacán and take some nice shots of the church just as the sun was going down.


    • Your comments are, most definitely, worthy of a blog of their own. I’m sure I’ve suggested as much at some time in the past.

      I’d love to see those photos. But alas, you just won’t be talked into using a Flickr account!

      PC. My cameras all do show signs of use. Heavy use. But they all still worked. My old TZ5, bought in August 2008, is a battered, bent and scratched and has black marks on the LCD. But it still shoots fine photos in decent light and is on a Eurostar tunnel heading to Brussels with Mrs P as we speak.


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