The Technology Spree

I’ve been on a techno spree lately. The Fuji camera. A new Dell XPS17 laptop. And now, my latest acquisition – a birthday gift – is a shiny new Kindle Fire HD. The latest and greatest in the Kindle family. It’s so new, I haven’t even got it yet – the UK release date is tomorrow. I should have it by the weekend, one hopes. The Fire HD might have a few limitations, but for £159, you really can’t grumble. It packs a beautiful screen, excellent external speakers and the 16gb of memory is enough for me. I won’t be storing my music collection on it, as that sits on my smartphone. Besides, it’s time I took more advantage of the cloud. I have plenty of storage space online.

The Fire HD boasts another feature that appeals to me. A double wifi antennae  to ensure I get a strong signal. That’s key. Having chosen to use TalkTalk for our internet provider we have to tolerate their fairly abysmal modem and service, so anything that helps catch a strong signal is a serious plus point. Although, needless to say, when the contract is up, it’ll be cancelled and replaced. With what? That decision hasn’t been made yet. I’d love a business line. You can get some serious speed and bandwidth with leased line providers Next Connex. The prices are, of course, oriented towards business, so it’s not really an option that meets the needs of home use. But, oh, those speeds. Business has played the key role in determining the broadband services we use and what we will need, with one company in particular leading the way. This is the sort of device created by the internet, rather than the other way round.

Decent speed and bandwidth have never been more important to me. I consume tens of gigabytes every month, uploading photos, watching BBC iPlayer and other video services. My Kindle Fire is likely to increase my consumption. It’s a new way of viewing my photo collection for one. It’s quite possibly the best way. I suspect the screen size and quality will have them looking their sharpest. And the mobility of the device means my photos can go anywhere. Well, anywhere that there is a wifi hotspot. I can’t wait for it to arrive…


6 thoughts on “The Technology Spree

  1. I considered getting a Fire when I lost my last Kindle reader. Even though I can read my Kindle content on my Galaxy, I prefer the Kindle reader. The telephone’s backlit screen is the reason. The sun is just too bright here and the screen itself seems to fatigue my eyes after a couple hours of reading.

    And then there is the bothersome issue of internet speed for other applications. My download speed was down to .4 last night. Netflix simply gave up on sending me its degraded stream.


    • The Fire HD is really a different creature to the Kindle readers. Although I’m finding it surprisingly easy to read on….I initially thought the screen would do my eyes in to. But not so.


  2. Kim G says:

    Stocking up on technology before you get to Mexico? I have to say those business plans in DF look tempting, particularly the part that guarantees any failure will be fixed within 4 hours. Here (not in my neighborhood, unfortunately), Verizon offers FIOS, a fiber optic line to the house. Friends who have it get fantastic internet speeds. Wish I could get it.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we continue to poke along with our 3 MBPS DSL.


    • Exactly! Camera, computer, Kindle….check. I’m just looking around to see if there’s anything else I ‘need’… 🙂

      I also poke along on a miserable 3mbps connection. They installed fibre lines, with no prior announcement, a couple of weeks after we’d signed into a two year contract with TalkTalk. Who don’t do fibre…


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