The Good, The Bad and The Brilliant

One is, usually, one’s harshest critic. With me, this would be my photography. I often feel I didn’t get a killer shot when reviewing my snaps. I surf Flickr a lot and see what a real killer shot is like. They usually look better than mine. Take these photos for example:


That photo up there ^, it’s a nice enough shot, taken inside Salisbury Cathedral. It’s a fairly decent example of how the Fuji X-S1 copes in low light too. Then I turned my camera onto a water pool, just across from the wooden carving above. The reflections were enchanting, especially of the stained glass windows.


Are either of those two a killer photo? Nope. The shot below is, though. It’s a wonderful shot. I love it. I wish it were mine. But alas, it belongs to someone called Ben Birchall and was featured on the Guardian newspaper. Now why didn’t I see that shot. Shucks. It sums up my limitations. I get by with quantity – every now and then I’ll get a few decent photos. But I need to spend more time letting my eye look for the killer shot. Because all too often I miss it, even when it’s sat right in front of me.


In the unlikely event of Mr Birchall stumbling across my blog and discovering I’ve rather pilfered his image….I do apologise. But it’s perfect for my point, and such a great photo it seems a shame not to share it.


2 thoughts on “The Good, The Bad and The Brilliant

    • He, most definitely, has ‘the eye’. I’ve just written a post with you in mind, Steve, set to publish tomorrow. I’m thinking of getting Wednesday’s post written now too….Obama is going to win, right?! 🙂


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