The New INM Regulations

The pressure is on. There are reasonably priced one way tickets from London to Mexico available. After December, there are no cheap one way flights available. I don’t know why not. Frankly I don’t know why there were cheap one way tickets for sale in the first place. A return is normally cheaper, and a return is nearly £700 per person. The one way tickets are under £500. A couple of weeks ago, the price was just under £400. That’s £200 burned, sitting here, waiting. Waiting for what? Waiting for visa news. Mexico has a bunch of new immigration regulations.

And they’ve just hit the interweb. Most (meh…all) of the comments I’ve seen by expats or expats-to-be are negative. The financial requirements for pensioners have jumped, apparently. It’s gonna make it tougher for American retirees. I’m not an American retiree, however, so I’m trying to work out what it means for me. Gee, it all looks mighty complicated. The costs of an immigrant visa have jumped too, so that’s a pain. But you can now buy a four year visa. I like that. Renewing visas is never fun. It’d be good to have four years of it done and out of the way.

First I need to get to the bottom of the visa requirements. I must confess, having stared at the relevant document (click here) for more than an hour, my eyes have glazed over, my mind has gone blank and my will to live has slightly decreased. I can’t even make out which one of the various Tramites I’m supposed to apply for. Five, seven or eight?? I have no investments. My bank statements, which I’d have to print off myself – the joys of paperless internet banking – will show only my monthly salary going in, and then leaving again almost as quickly. I’m hoping that marriage to a Mexican citizen makes things a little easier.

Any ideas? All suggestions welcome. I can just about find my passport and take a passport photo of myself, though. That’s covered. Of course, my next plan is to phone the Mexican Embassy in London. Let’s hope they have the faintest clue of what to do….



13 thoughts on “The New INM Regulations

    • I rather hope there aren’t too many bumps on this road! It’s a shame I couldn’t stay through February though. I’m going to miss out on the Shard spectators gallery when it finally opens…


  1. Same boat here – we have to renew in January. We are hoping things will sort out by then – quite the mystery. However you being married to a Mexican National looks as if your situation should be easy (except for the price of things). Actually if you can get the four year entry (it seems to be at the discretion of the local oficina) the fee is $138 USD a year- less than $20 more than last year. Yes a mess!


    • I just keep staring at the pages and can make not head nor tail of it. I’m glad it looks easy….can you tell me where you’re looking?!?! 🙂

      What have you read about visas for foreigners married to Mexicans so far? Financial / job requirements? Can it be done inside Mexico?


  2. Nice picture of the eagle and the snake. Our renewal comes up early next year and we still don’t have a good clue! This was supposed to be our last one before becoming permanent residents but …


  3. I have long advocated a revision to NAFTA to allow the flow of labor to be as free as the flow of capital. Now sounds like a good time. Of course, NAFTA would not apply to you Euro-types or to non-laboring Americans. But it is a nice dream.

    I renew in March and had hoped to transfer from non-immigrant status to permanent resident. But, like you, I cannot quite figure out what I will need to do — or if I can do it. Maye I need to move back to my house up north.


  4. Kim G says:

    Yeah, it’d be rather tricky to try to go on a tourist visa with a one-way ticket.

    According to my friend, “A,” who flies in and out of Heathrow as often as she takes the tube anywhere, the reason flights from the UK are so expensive is that the landing/takeoff fee is several hundred quid. Have you looked into flying out of somewhere else?

    As for the change in the Mexican immigration rules, well, buena suerte! From reading the various expat blogs, it sounds like a mess.

    Why exactly does an expat retiree need to earn 4x the average Mexican GDP per capita, anyway? It’d be like not permitting anyone to retire in the USA unless they could prove $160,000 USD of annual income. That might be necessary if you wanted to live in Manhattan, but you could do fine in the rest of the country on much less, obviously.

    I’d hate to get caught up in any kind of newish, Mexican bureaucracy. They seem to have a hard enough time with the well-worn stuff. Hopefully by the time I get ready to head south, all that stuff will have been settled.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we need to get our own, well-stamped, passport renewed, and kind of dread dealing with the US bureaucracy necessary to make it happen.


    • The one way ticket isn’t my biggest problem. I have read somewhere (actually, quite a few places) that you need a return ticket when flying into Mexico unless you’re British. Apparently we have an exemption. I can’t tell you whether it is myth, or if it has any truth to it. I never found the source. Which in itself carries a suggestion of how true it might be. Although….I did fly into Mexico on a one way ticket in 2003 without any problem.

      I look forward to being the guinea pig of the new system so that your journey later might be a little easier!


  5. This does sound like a mess. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.
    Kim, I just had my passport renewed a few months ago and it was quick and easy…all online with mailing off the old passport back with the form completed online (that’s the scary part…putting your old passport in an enevlope and dropping it into a mailbox).


    • Kim G says:

      Thanks for the comment, Angeline. I agree with you about the scary part. Also I want to go to DF for New Year’s, and my passport expires in Feb. So I have to decide, do I risk not getting the passport in time for New Years, or do I risk someone complaining about my passport only having 6-8 weeks of life left? Neither option seems that appealing.

      BTW, did they return your old passport?


      Kim G


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