The Lord Mayors Show

London is exhausted. We kicked the year off with the best New Years fireworks display ever. We bumbled through a deep recession. But we got on our glad rags for the Queens Jubilee. The partied with the world at the third London Olympics. Then we sat back and relaxed. But wait. This is an ancient city, built on centuries of tradition. New York may be the city that never sleeps. Perhaps London is the show that must go on. And on, and on.

This weekend was the Lord Mayors Show. A three mile parade, of floats, marching bands, military machines, worship companies of something or other, and finally the new Lord Mayor in a fancy gold coach. So a few hundred thousand Londoners and visitors (which one of these exactly am I?) took to the streets once again, plastic Union Flags in hand, brollies at the ready.

The Lord Mayors parade is only a decade or two away from it’s five hundredth anniversary. It was about time I saw one. Other than the pantomime version, with Dick Whittington. Was it good? Like I said, London is exhausted. The traditional fireworks display was taken off the programme this year. We’ve had out fill of fireworks this year. Some of the participants were fun. Some were interesting.

A few too many were dull and self promoting. Pimlico Plumbers driving in vans with their radio advert blasting over loudspeakers? Really? Enjoy my photo set of the day on Flickr – click here – the vast majority of which I ran through Lightroom presets. Free ones by onOne and a bunch I actually paid of few dollars for on Stuck in Customs. I’m having a lot of fun with my growing collection of presets. Hope you like the effects.



4 thoughts on “The Lord Mayors Show

    • We stood and watched only because we happened to be there. It’s never been at the top of my ‘must see’ list. I don’t recommend you put it on yours. Having said that, if one year you happen to be in the vicinity, then it’s worth an hour of your time.


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