The New INM Regs Part 2

I suspect this could turn into an epic series of blog posts, documenting my efforts to obtain my Mexican visa. Perhaps it will be useful to people who come after me. Or forewarning for those who might want to put their lives to more productive use than enduring this process.

I phoned the Mexican Embassy in London today. Again. The line produced a range of results, from ‘this number isn’t recognised’ to an engaged tone. Until one o’clock, when the visa section shuts. Then their answerphone cuts in, telling me to leave a message or ring back some other time. Great. Mexican efficiency, or an overload of curious visa applicants?

The embassy website does show one bit of information that I like:

As of November 9, 2012 came into force new rules on immigration, in order to regulate the entry and exit of foreigners and Mexican national territory, as well as transit and residence of aliens in it. This, in a framework of respect, protection and safeguarding of human rights, contribution to national development and preservation of sovereignty and national security….

2. Visa Authorization family unit: Mexicans have the right to the preservation of the family unit so they can apply for a visa at the Consular Section for entry of the following aliens:


II. Spouse, which will be granted the status of temporary resident’s stay for two years, after which it may acquire the status of permanent resident stay as long as the marriage subsists

Which suggests an easier passage for me and my Mexican bride. But then there’s a bit I don’t like the look of so much…

If a foreign national wants to live in Mexico with his/her Mexican spouse, the Mexican national must apply for the entry permit of her/his spouse as Family Economic Dependant (Dependiente Económico) in Mexico before the National Institute of Immigration (INM).

Does that second passage suggest that Mrs P must be in Mexico? And if so, then where must I be? The UK? Or is it possible to get away with being in Mexico? Answers on a postcard, please. Or, alternatively, clever suggestions / interpretations / guesses…


6 thoughts on “The New INM Regs Part 2

  1. Ouch. It might as well be in Spanish for all the sense that makes, although I suspect it has been translated directly from Spanish via a Latin legal dictionary. South Africans have this organisation that is trying to reverse the brain drain and I’d head straight to them if we were going to repatriate for jobs, bank accounts etc (or, indeed, if I picked up a spouse or kids along the way). Is there not a similar organisation that could aid you in repatriation with foreign spouse?


  2. Quite the debacle these new rules seem to be causing. Interesting how the section you show includes the term “human rights” when the increase in income required clauses may displace many folks that have bought houses in Mexico and lived there for 10-15 years or more.


    • I’ve been reading a lot of the comments. A lot of very unhappy people. I’ve given up phoning the embassy. I’m going to have a hash at doing the application form online (there’s really nothing to it – only question is whether I pick the right category) and gather up as much documents as possible and head to the embassy next week and see what happens. As you say, stay tuned!


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