Things that Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday have in common? Only one important one. They are not Homeland day. Best TV series since Lost. Sure, you can pick a few holes in it. For example, this week a guy who got shot up in the gut decided to ‘check himself out’ of the hospital. Too many terrorists to catch, to be lying in bed, it seems. But the script is generally entertaining, the performances dynamic and the twists keep on turning.

Unlike Lost, I find myself keeping up with the show, in that I can predict the next twist or two that lies ahead. That wasn’t possible with Lost because the writers, one would have to assume, were on unusually high doses of hallucinogenic drugs. I’m a bit late to be giving anyone a ‘tip off’ to watch this show. We’re half way through season two. Although, having said that, this means the show will probably launch with series one in Mexico in a few months!

Damien Lewis, aka Nick Brody, is British. Who’d have thunk it? I didn’t even find out till he appeared on Graham Norton. Apparently, the actor playing Estes is British as well. Americans playing Brits normally stand out like a sore thumb, although there are exception – Rene Zellweger in Brigit Jones springs to mind. Did these two guys have any of you American’s fooled?


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