Life of David

One of my favourite bloggers is Robert Peston. He’s a BBC employee posting on the BBC’s website, so perhaps the term blogger isn’t the most accurate fit. Where’s the line between blogger and journalist? Still, he makes for an interesting and enlightening read and keeps me up to date with regards the economy in Britain and beyond. One of his latest articles (click here to read it) has wry touches of wit and sarcasm. There’s a decent summary of Cameron’s government if you can read between the lines.

I have never liked Cameron, nor his chancellor Osborne. I could never vote for a Conservative party with either of them in senior roles. That they needed to enter a coalition with the Liberals to form  government (despite the farce and failure of the previous Labour govt) suggests that I’m not alone. Their policies are those of an opportunist, using the economic crisis to sneak in right wing ideology . They are both out of touch with the British people, and indeed have never been ‘in touch’ with the daily reality of British life.

The Liberal party were genuinely electable before the 2010 vote. Had I voted, I would have voted Liberal, and that would have been a first – my current record is Tory x 2, Labour x 2 and Abstention x 1. If the leadership had a shred of dignity, they’d have withdrawn from Cameron’s government some time ago, and pulled the rug from under him. My record at the next General Election will have a x3 next to the Labour Party. Anyway, did you read the article? Perhaps you should, and then enjoy the video below, in context.

My good friend and blogger at Viva Verzcruz recently wrote about his top 10 movies of all time. It’s some list, one that makes me feel somewhat culturally inadequate. I’d still put Star Wars in my list. I could never create a list without the Life of Brian either. It’s not simply a great comedy. It’s utterly timeless. The Pythons pluck the essence of human nature, wrap a satirical ribbon around it, pickle it in farce and serve up a delightful dish of reality – a reality turned on it’s head. It’s almost a documentary at times.  Whenever I write about social, religious or economic matters, I feel (but usually resist) the urge to add a Monty Python clip.


5 thoughts on “Life of David

  1. norm says:

    Most rules get drafted because someone found an angle and took advantage of the angle. Be that angle a bribe to some suit or not buying up stock and then selling it short, we make rules to keep the pirates in check. I live in an area of the world where it is common to see politicians go to jail, they do not all steal but a good number do-those dusty old forms they have to fill out are used as evidence when we decide enough is enough. It does not stop the graft, it keeps it in check a bit. I’d be checking the feathers in that boy’s nest if he wants to greenlight corner cutting.


  2. “It’s some list, one that makes me feel somewhat culturally inadequate.”
    Come on I threw in a couple commercial flicks But then your photography leaves me feeling very inadequate in that arena – so touche.


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