The New INM Regs Part 4

The helpful young lady at the Mexican Embassy in London promised to send me an email, and she was as good as her word. I had it, and all the information I need. I think. And providing I understand it all correctly, then this visa business should all be very, very straightforward. For me, anyway. I know that a lot of people whose circumstances are different may have some problems ahead.

I simply need to turn up at the embassy with Mrs P and a bunch of documents, and my visa will be ready two of three days after that. The documents? My passport. Her passport. Some passport sized photographs of myself. And our marriage certificate – apostille not required! Oh, and I need to bring originals and copies of all those. The consular fee is £22, and I have to pay a further £150 for the visa proper in Mexico when we get there.

The visa is good for two years I think, but doesn’t permit me to work. That’s not a problem – once I am in Mexico I can apply to have the visa changed to include work. I dare say another fee will be involved. There is a final  requirement though. It seems almost too easy, and almost pointless. Unless I have misunderstood, I simply have to provide some bank statements from the last six months that shows there has been, on average, a balance of £903 or more in my bank account. If so, that is again no problem. Have I got it right…?

Original y copia de comprobante de inversiones o cuentas bancarias con saldo promedio mensual equivalente a trecientos  días de salario mínimo general vigente en el Distrito Federal ($18,699.00 peso mexicano o £901.35 durante los últimos seis meses


6 thoughts on “The New INM Regs Part 4

  1. richmont1234 says:

    Goof info. Now can you translate that to American, such as dollars and what have you? My situation is different in that I supposed to be on my last leg towards permanente.


  2. Kim G says:

    Well, I’m glad you aren’t getting caught in the new immigration rule ‘meat grinder’ that most of the gringo expat community is a-twitter about. I look forward to our next DF photo walk.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we are feeling rather home-bound, given our passport is back in the hands of the government as we await a renewal.


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