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For three months. Anyone who’s been browsing these pages for a while knows I love Flickr. I’ve been using the service for nearly seven years and have very nearly 11,000 images stored there. I regularly recommend the service to friends, family and any one else who’ll listen. As far as storing and organising your photo collection goes, there is no better service available for the money.

How much money? About $25 a year. Not much, if you’re a keen photographer. Flickr had let itself become a little stale after being taken over by Yahoo, but even as others innovated and produced compelling competitors, none quite matched what Flickr can do. I’m pleased to say that Flickr has turned a corner, and has been popping out new features, improvements and upgrades regularly for the last few months.

They want people to sample the improved Flickr. Click here and you’ll get three months of Pro membership for free. It’s their holiday gift to everyone – current pro member, free members and non members alike. You just got to grab it before January 4th. Go for it. If you make the most of it, it’ll change your photographic world.



2 thoughts on “Free Flickr

  1. Gary, your glowing endorsement of Flickr takes me back to 2006, when I was growing weary of the non-user friendly Pbase. I tried both Flickr and Picasa Web Albums for a week, and decided in favor of Picasa. I prefer the way the integrated Picasa app works with the Web Albums.
    I will take another look at Flickr, because, I admit that Picasa isn’t perfect.

    But when I’m viewing someone else’s Flickr pics, it always seems to run very slowly, and the multilevel interface confuses me.

    By the way, I’ve been impressed by, but I sense that it’s for photogs more pro than I am.

    Don Cuevas


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