Goodbye 2012

Stately homes, various castles, film sets, Prince Charles, the graves of Lawrence of Arabia and Jim Morrison’s, Paris, Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest, Hitler’s writing desk, fields of snowdrops, bluebells and other English flowers, Lord Mayor Shows, a thousand miles on the London Underground, Romans in Bath, King Arthur in Winchester, skating in Hyde Park and Somerset House, ancient stone bridges, 80’s racing cars, abandoned WW2 towns, legendary warships, Admiral Nelson, rugged coastal landscapes, funky Halloween/Day of the Dead fusion, Christmas in London. Have I forgotten anything? Oh yeah, just one more thing. The Olympics. Twenty twelve, it’s been a blast. Adios amigo. May twenty thirteen be just as good. My high point of all those London trips? That’s yet to come. Keep watching. I hope your 2012 was memorable, and I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Cheers!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

You can click here to go see all thirty photos in the video above a little bigger. One thing I noticed when choosing them. The colours and exposure are all off. Not as I remember them when I did them. That’s the price of a burned out laptop monitor. I have a new laptop. Gotta remember to replace it before it gets too old. All the calibration in the world won’t overcome duff equipment.

One thing that was as good this year as last year? London’s fireworks display. London has long put on a few fireworks, but never anything too special. Nothing that could compare to New York, Paris or Sydney. In fact, London was embarrassing by comparison. Last year they put on something special to see in the Olympic year. And last night there was something just as special to see it out again. I hope they keep this up every year. Viva Londres!


10 thoughts on “Goodbye 2012

  1. richmont1234 says:

    The London fireworks display was fabulous! It looks like much of what you Brits are doing are on the right track. I am hoping that this continues on. Happy New Year to you, Paola and your countrymen.


  2. Andean says:

    I watched New York’s display last night, so it was interesting to see London fireworks in comparison. Looked great to me.
    May the New Year bring you and Mrs P much health and happiness.


    • Thanks John. And hopefully, if all goes well, we’ll bump into each other in Mexico. I’m determined to help a few of those turtle hatchlings on their way into the ocean one day.


  3. Kim G says:

    Here in DF, the concert and fireworks show on Reforma were up to their usual, high standard.

    I’ll never forget the celebration of the Bicentenario with you, Mrs. P, F, and his sister.

    ¡¡¡Viva México, Cabrones!!!


    Kim G
    DF, México
    Where México could too benefit from an economy as good as their fireworks.


    • I never did get to the New Year fireworks display on Reforma. Next year….

      Twenty Ten was a most excellent year in Mexico – it was the place to be. Likewise, the UK in 2012. The Bicentenario in Sept was most definitely the highlight. Fond memories.

      Last I read, Mexico’s economy was at least growing. The UK is heading for (an unprecedented?) triple dip recession.


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