Twenty Twelve Review


Every year WordPress send out all their bloggers a stats report. Well, this is the second year. It makes vaguely interesting reading. For one, it shows that some people do actually visit my blog from time to time. A few of them stay long enough to lurk and read a bit. A choice selection of those leave a comment. Apparently, the Mexile received 2,000 more views in 2012 than in 2011 – 50,000 versus 48,000. Consistent.

Although far fewer people pass by this way than used to when I blogged from Mexico. Many months see just half the number of visitors compared to 2010. I guess there are many reasons for that. I’d built up a regular ‘readership’ over six years in Mexico, many of whom have little interest in the UK and sadly departed. There are fewer native English speaking bloggers in Mexico City. Here in the UK, I am one of millions. Mostly though, I blame Obama.


So what do people like to read on the Mexile? Politics is always popular. The only post that sneaked into the Top 5 in both 2011 and 2012 was Left Moderate Social Libertarian. There’s a post from back in 2006 too – what happened at Torre Mayor to bring so many Googlers here? But it was nice to see an Olympic related post at the top of the list.


Who comments? Congrats Kim, you are top of the pops. Another part of the stats shows Steve sent most visitors my way from his own blog. Most people came from the US, closely followed by Mexico and the UK. I write for fun and for profit. But the blog has become a little community too. I’ve met quite a few people through it. I’ve gotten out of a few minor scrapes with it. I’ve made a pretty decent financial profit from it over the years. Best of all I’ve made some good friends here.


In a few months, barring any unforeseen catastrophes, I will be blogging from Mexico City once again. Perhaps I’ll win back that lost readership. Next year, the Mexile will be 10 years old. In early June 2003 I put my first post up. Not, I confess, under the name ‘Mexile’. Nor was it even on a blogging platform. The website was my own design, self hosted and on the domain, rather than its current (cheaper!) domain.

I moved it to a blogging platform, My Opera in 2005, naming it the Mexile. For about two weeks. I knew a British musician in DF, who had just released an album called The Mexile. I hastily renamed – Ay Caramba. In 2007, he left Mexico (ironically for Bournemouth, my current home town) and the Mexile name returned, now on Blogger’s blogging platform. I moved to WordPress in June 2009. But more of this story can wait till June, don’t you think? Click here to see the complete report.


21 thoughts on “Twenty Twelve Review

  1. I truly look forward to your return to Mexico and posts from there; I love living vicariously through those who live in Mexico 🙂
    You have a great blog whether from the UK or Mexico. Happy New Year!


  2. And it appears I need to become a more consistent correspondent. But I am happy to feed readers your way.

    Your return will give us an opportunity to have that dinner in Mexico City — or Melaque.


    • I’m the worst commenter. Problem is, I read a lot of bogs on my phone, mark the ones I want to comment on from my PC, then never get round to it. I had comments all lined up for plenty of your posts. The one about airline food, the William Hague letters and more. I am a failure. But still, I read them all!

      I have plans for a tour of Mexico’s Pacific coast north of Acapulco – I’ve always turned south of that city. But I don’t know when. DF is the more likely venue. And I hugely look forward to it.


  3. Andean says:

    I very much enjoy reading your blog. You do a fantastic job writing and taking the time to post photos of a huge variety of subjects. It has been both a learning and fun experience.
    Especially surprised about one of the top commenters. 🙂

    Much luck with your new endeavours!


  4. Kim G says:

    Who knew? I’m surprised I’m your top commenter, but must say, I truly enjoy your blog, even with its more Britannic roots these days. I too look forward to your return to DF. Though I had intended to go see you one of these days in London, it remains surprisingly expensive to fly there.

    One of these days, I must begin to blog, but I also fear running out of material. But every trip here provides constant fodder, never mind that which happens in Boston.

    We’ll see I guess. Meanwhile, I’ll continue to enjoy yours.

    ¡Buena suerte! and ¡Feliz Año Nuevo!


    Kim G
    DF, México
    Where it truly hurt to tell our Boston friends we had spent the last three days in Xochitepec lounging by the side of a pool.


    • Kim G says:

      P.S. You may get so many readers from Steve’s blog because he has a blogroll that shows who’s got the latest posts. Often for that reason, and because he usually posts every day, I go to his blog first, and then from there go to others. That keeps me from wasting time checking blogs with no updates since I last read.

      Kim G


    • Flights are horribly expensive. I’ve been looking at all sorts of options. A £400 option to Cancun exists, but then you can only take one bag. There’s no option for paying for extra luggage. Throw in another £400 for shipping the luggage and another couple of hundred for getting from Cancun to DF… don’t save enough to warrant the stress and aggro. On the plus side, the cheapest return tickets available are direct with Aeromexico at £621. Their excess luggage charges are slightly more reasonable too.

      Start the blog Kim. You’ve already got a sizeable audience in waiting. And content will flow.

      It is getting a little late to bump into each other in Londres. DF awaits. See you on your side of the pond soon, no doubt.


      • Kim G says:

        You might try flying through Chicago, Dallas, or Houston. From each of those airports there are a ton of flights to DF, and I’d imagine that all of them (particularly Chicago) is well served by LHR. Flying through Cancun sounds like a pain in the culo. Particularly considering how well your last trip to said destination went.


        Kim G


        • That direct flight from London to DF is the cheapest flight available at the moment. Going through the US is even pricier. I’m not going to grumble when the best deal is the easiest….

          As for that last trip…..didn’t I swear to never go on another 20 hour long bus trip as long as I live?!


  5. KIm beat me – but NOT BY MUCH – and sometimes he writes two – like today 😉

    But seriously what’s not to like – one of my favorite Blogs – and without starting another entry – I too go to Steve (the GO-TO guy) because of his most current sort which I have never been able to get to work on my own Blog ;-(


    • It’s true, Kim cheats. But he does cheat ever so well. He’s forgiven! 🙂

      You also have a very comprehensive blog roll. But I do like the dynamic nature of Steve’s. I once had a blogroll. Then I came up with the idea of simply tweeting posts and pages that I liked. Sharing articles that appeal to my taste. More personal. Also, more sporadic, inconsistent and meh.

      Another motivation behind my method, was as a way of collecting stuff I like and might want to revisit. Twitter is not actually very good at the latter. I am experimenting with Pocket. I like it, a lot. I just need to get the RSS working to my liking and it’ll replace my Twitter feed. Which no one, I am pretty sure, ever actually clicks through to on my blog.


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