Try Something New This Year!

It’s that time of year when people try to make a change to break bad habits and broaden their horizons. Lose weight, give up chocolate, have a ‘dry January’; let’s face it, the most common resolutions can often be the least fun. So why not make your resolution about breaking from the norm to try something new this year? Eleanor Roosevelt once said ‘do one thing every day that scares you’, which refers to pushing yourself to step outside of your comfort zone. For many, visiting a new holiday destination means leaving the comfort zone, but it is a positive way of broadening your horizons and life experiences.

There’s no denying that us Brits love our holidays. From the annual beach break to  UK weekend breaks, it’s great to have something to look forward to, especially during these gloomy winter months. But humans are creatures of habit and many of us have a tendency to revisit the same places year after, disregarding the opportunity to visit an exciting new destination. If 2013 is a year of change for you then aiming to visit somewhere new on holiday is a fantastic resolution which can come with plenty of benefits.

Perhaps you’re one of those holiday-goers who tend to re-visit a destination year after year is because you are convinced you’ve hit the nail on the head the first time. Your destination has everything you could ever want, right? It has the beautiful surroundings, lovely locals, fun activities and tasty food on offer. It’s no surprise that you’d be inclined to return, but if you never visit anywhere new, how do you know there isn’t another destination out there that you could fall in love with even more? Holidays involve parting with hard earned cash, so returning to the same place minimises the risk of the holiday being a failure. However, instead of seeing a new destination as a risk, see it as an opportunity to simply make your next holiday even better than the last.

Holidays are so important to us because for those short weeks of the year, we break away from daily life and experience the ultimate form of escapism. For those select days, you leave behind work, responsibilities and everyday reality for a much needed break from the routine. Visiting a new destination guarantees an exciting fresh environment that you have never experienced before, as every day you will discover new sights, taste new things, speak to new people and even learn the basics of a new language.

With so many incredible UK and European destinations just waiting to be discovered, let 2013 be your year to discover somewhere new and embrace the excitement of the unknown!

 Disclosure: this entry is a Guest Post.


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