Two Year Itch

Doesn’t time fly? Or perhaps not. It seems a lifetime ago since I wrote this old post. But it truly was just two years ago. To the day. My final day in Mexico, before returning ‘home’ to England. I find ‘home’ harder to define these days. My passport says it’s to the east of the Atlantic. There’s a part of me that disagrees with that conclusion. Either way, I have a visa to live in Mexico sorted out, and perhaps one day I will have a new passport that I find more agreeable.

There’s just one last hitch. An undisclosed hitch. It’s a maybe type thing. Something over which I don’t have the final decision. Stay tuned, as they say. Till then, here is one of the last photos of me that was taken in Mexico. Where am I? I’d run a guessing contest, but it could be anywhere. As it happens, it’s a nice little restaurant in Tlalpan.

Dragon Paper


6 thoughts on “Two Year Itch

  1. Kim G says:

    Well! I can’t stand the anticipation! When do you think you’re going back to DF?

    Nice shot of you in the Restaurante Tlalpeño. I don’t know it, but then DF is an enormous place. Tlalpan is quite charming, but sadly I don’t get there all that often.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we just returned from a trip to what is still an incredible amount of snow.


  2. There is a Mexican film by the comedian Cantinflas that has him as a delegado who approves or rejects applications. Before him is an old man with a beard that has been coming before him for forty years to get his application approved. He has a mountain of documents for the delegado approve and hopefully get final approval on his petition. The delegado looks at all the documents and comment that the old man needs just one more document to finish the process. I hope that that is not where you are at! 🙂


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