Packing Essentials: What to Pack in your Suitcase

One of the popular questions an individual asks the night before their vacation is, “Do I have everything?” It doesn’t matter how organised you are, or how far in advance you packed your case, the question is always the same. Whether you’ve written a checklist or you’ve just winged it and hoped for the best, as long as you’ve packed the essentials, that’s all that matters.

Whether you are boarding the P&O Aurora or have taken advantage of any of the other incredible P&O deals this year, knowing what to pack for your cruise on the oceans will help to solve any last minute woes about if you’ve packed enough of the right things for the duration of your cruise. Here are a few titbits to help:

  • Tops & Bottoms – enough to get you by without overloading. Be smart and pack things that can be mixed and matched so you can wear the same trousers more than once. Take some detergent if you want to rinse them in your cabin.
  • A light jacket – it’ll help to keep the chill away on the milder evenings as well as protecting from any rainfall that should spontaneously happen.
  • Walking shoes – these are particularly useful if you’re planning on exploring the ports during the shore excursions. Trainers should be fine, but be aware that you may not be able to wear them in the restaurants.
  • Swimsuit & cover up – A sarong would be an ideal cover up to take, plus it takes up hardly any room. Use your swimsuit around the pool as well as in the sea if you get a chance to take a dip.
  • Documents – passport, tickets, maps, insurance.
  • Electricals – phone, camera, kindle, mp3 player, laptop – whatever you may need to keep yourself entertained on the long cruising days.
  • Toiletries & Meds – basic toiletries and make up, as well as a simple medication pack e.g. antisickness tablets, painkillers and plasters. Don’t forget the suncream, too!

Along with the above, basic undergarments, sleepwear and of course, your latest read, are the bare minimum you should consider taking on a cruise. Take a look at the P&O deals online, today.

Disclosure: this is a guest post.


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