Sun and Snow

A recurrent theme in Mexico. Mexicans complaining about  the heat. Me telling them how wonderful it was. I’d  often get asked, with some incredulity, if I didn’t get tired of it being hot and sunny. Every single day. I’d explain to them what the alternative is. And that no, I never ever got tired of waking up to another beautiful sunny day. Even in a Mexico City winter when the evenings got chilly, I could be assured of a warm and sunny morning and afternoon. I loved it. It was also nice to be able to plan a weekend away, outside of the city, knowing that the weather would be hot and sunny. One of our favourite places was Huichapan, as featured in the photo below.

Sunny Sundays

Most of my Mexicans amigos and amigas like the idea of snow. It looks beautiful in photos and films. Romantic, even, in the right setting. I would have to explain to them that snow is lovely to look at. In photos and films. And, I will grant them, for the first five minutes of the first snowfall of winter. After that, it’s just cold, miserable, slushy and troublesome. The accompanying gray skies tend to outstay their welcome when the snow has gone too.

As nice as that first five minutes of snowfall is, I wouldn’t trade it for all the sunny days in the world. Certainly not for all the sunny days in Mexico. All three hundred and sixty five a year of them. I’ll be happy to not see another snowflake again. It’s not like I can even make a snowman at my age. I’m a grown up now. Sort of. I’m more a snowgirl kinda guy these days…



4 thoughts on “Sun and Snow

  1. My trip north to Salem has almost beguiled me. The winter weather has been clear and crisp — my favorite combination. Of course, that is not what Oregon winters are really like. We do not get snow very often where I once lived (and that is just as well, because, like you, I find it a nuisance), but a usual winter day is wet and chilling.

    I did not move to Mexico for the winter. But those sunny days are far more inviting than the constant march of clouds that usually greet me on a March morning.


  2. Kim G says:

    I’m 100% WITH YOU on the weather thing. Really, we haven’t had a bad winter here at all. But the past few weeks have been pretty snowy, and now it’s raining. Every snowstorm, I send pictures to F, who is predictably enchanted and asks about snowmen, snow angels, and skiing. It’s quite hard for him to believe how dreary it is to live in it.

    But I guess I can understand. When I moved here from the San Francisco Bay Area, every snowy day was a new delight for me. I was enchanted by the beauty, and by the quiet. Snow muffles sounds, and people are uninclined to go out in it. So the city becomes very quiet, particularly on a snowy eve.

    But now, 18 years later? I’ve had my fill and cannot stop fantasizing about sunny days in Mexico, and pleasant nights on my azotea, looking out on the vast city ringed by volcanoes, a margarita in hand. And the certain knowledge, that I will NEVER, EVER have to shovel snow in DF.

    Hopefully soon.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where Friday was winter, and today was spring, with massive snowmelt.


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