When ski trips go downhill

I did it! I invested in a pair of skis. On previous snowy excursions I’d always trusted in my friend Rob to lend me his spares. Rob is a proper enthusiast. He has all the best gear and has scratched off most of the top resorts in his ongoing quest for the perfect run. I’m a little jealous of Rob if I’m honest…

When starting my search, I was almost blinded by the sheer variety of colourful patterns on display. And who knew there were so many brands? After days of indecision, punctuated by nights of feverish dreams invaded by a never-ending procession of ski livery, I eventually settled on a snazzy pair that featured all the latest technology. I’m still not entirely sure what that is, but I’m pretty sure it’s something probably I need, maybe. If you don’t own skis, it’s difficult to describe the warm glow of self-satisfaction to be enjoyed when you finally do.

My smug satisfaction didn’t last long though. On our very first excursion my fabulous skis and I were separated on the slope as I wrapped myself around a tree at high velocity. Thank goodness I was wearing a helmet, but unfortunately my leg wasn’t so well protected and I was carted off to hospital. Luckily I’d taken out Allianz Ski Insurance and winter sports cover; otherwise the emergency treatment and early trip home could have cost me a pretty penny. Still, when I got home, my girlfriend and family were waiting to dote on me hand and foot, so it could have been worse. And now that I’ve travelled the long road to recovery, I’m almost smug enough to go back and try again, more carefully this time though!

Disclosure: this is a guest post.


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