Two Thousand

This is my two thousandth post. Across very almost ten years – that milestone is just a few months away. That’s about two hundred posts a year. Where do I find the time? I find I have less time here in the UK for such frivolous activities than I did in Mexico. Writing posts has become as much a habit as a hobby. I should cut back. I don’t though. Partly because it is profitable. But mostly because I like the people who hang around in this corner of the virtual world. Cheers to those of you who’ve ever commented. And to those of you who haven’t too. Especially to those of you whom I have met in person. And those of you whom I will meet. Beers all round.

I did once before reach the two thousand post landmark. That’s because I merged my 365 photo project into this blog. But I had a change of heart and un-merged them. I’ve also ‘lost’ a fair few posts over the last decade too. Some disappeared into the ether back in 2005 when I self hosted everything, and forgot to do a complete back up before cancelling my hosting plan. Duh.

Other posts of a commercial nature, hundreds of them, were left behind on an old blogging platform when I switched to Blogger from Opera. Blogging has been profitable over the years. How much is it worth. Tens of thousands of dollars. Not enough to live on, but certainly enough to have some fun on. But they don;t make good reading. Those who didn’t much like my guest posts will be pleased to hear there will be no more of those. Although I will still explore other lucrative avenues.

How to celebrate this landmark? Every post needs a photo. It’d be too much of a drag to go find my 2000th upload to Flickr, although that would have made a nice matching pair. How about my first ever upload to Flickr? It certainly wasn’t the first photo I ever took with a digital camera, nor my first photo in Mexico. When I joined Flickr, I sent an experimental batch to the service to see what it looked like. Ā I wrote yesterday of my need for some sunshine, so it’s a fitting photo…

Sunshine Tiles


12 thoughts on “Two Thousand

  1. Congratulations, it’s a pretty nice milestone to reach! I’ve have enjoyed your posts a lot – especially the Mexico ones, that’s my main interest but a lot of the Europe travel ones have been fantastic as well. You’ve kept my attention for a good while now and now when I see your posts in my email I am quick to click through. I may move back to Mexico City sometime soon(ish) so hope to maybe meet in person one day, share a beer and talk..hmm, maybe metro! I watched the BBC Mex City video this morning , interesting insight into the city. Good luck for the next blogging phase…cheers


    • Thanks, and I’m glad to know you’re still knocking around these parts! How soon is soon-ish? A beer sounds good.

      As for the metro….well, my ‘record’ for traversing the entire system in the quickest time* is null and void since the opening of the new line. I’ll have to do it again, I guess šŸ™‚

      * Like any record, being the only participant makes it a little easier.


      • Maybe in around 6 months. I was keen to stay in DF longer but I got a bit frustrated with some work and visa issues so I decided to come back to Australia for a while. I had been in Latin America for three years so thought it would be good to come back for a while, look at some new opportunities and try to save a bit of money. I will have to complete line 12 as well plus a girlfriend in DF so the motivation to get back is pretty strong. When are you heading back? Cheers


        • Three years was a good while. Not all in Mexico, though, I take it? Anyway, I’ve got my visa and have to be in Mexico by July. But quicker than that. I’m hoping six weeks-ish.


    • 1775? Perhaps the next post should be dedicated to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness! Although, such is the pace of your posting, 1776 is probably long gone. Perhaps I’m in time to suggest something on Waterloo?

      Your prolific output is always enjoyable, never dull. And proof that retirement is a bloggers best friend.


  2. Andean says:

    You’re a young, great writer/photographer.
    I’ve seen so much of the world through your posts. Keep it up! And thank you…appreciated.


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