English DF

As time ticks on, and Mexico gets closer, I’ve been making all the necessary preparations. Visa? Check. Sufficient funds? Check. Just about. Work? I’ve been working on it. I have a few classes arranged. But I though it was time to resurrect my old English DF blog. English DF was a rather unfortunate choice of name, in hindsight. Seeing as the most prominent political/racist group in the UK also uses EDF as its initials – the English Defence League. Although one of the biggest groups in the UK is also EDF, so I’m not the first moron to buy a domain name without pondering the subject.

Still, the English Defence League means nothing in Mexico, so I am ploughing on with the name. I have given it a make-over, although I’m far from convinced about the new look. I may revisit the theme when I have time. I’ve installed Disqus and various plug-ins to get it good to go. The content will work with any theme. 

The English language is fascinating. I come across stuff regularly that’s worth sharing. And I have ideas and experiences that are worth putting on virtual paper too. At some stage I want to make the blog into a more professional site to attract paying students too. But that can wait for now. Anyway, on the right hand sidebar you’ll find all the recent posts I’ve made to English DF. Or you can bookmark the site itself, or add my Twitter feed, like the Facebook page, add the RSS feed to your reader….whatever works for you!



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