The Bournemouth Bay Run

It’s been a sporty week at Chez Denness. The delight of watching someone else’s athletic endeavors on Saturday, to my financial gain. But on Sunday I put my own muscles to work. As did Mr’s P. We ran the 10km option in the annual Bournemouth Bay Run. From Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Pier, a couple of clicks beyond that, and then back again. It was a beautiful crisp morning, with blue skies, a little sun and a cool refreshing breeze. It’s a really scenic run too, along some of the sandiest beaches the UK has to offer.

I’ve got plenty of 10k runs under my belt, but it was Mrs P’s first. A fine debut it was too. Her kms per minute time was nearly a minute better than recent 5km practice runs. I did well too, mind you! I haven’t run a 10km race in nearly a year and a half. My left knee just isn’t up to it anymore, sadly. But I’ve found the slower pace suits my knee better. It gets sore. I can feel it clanking about. But it didn’t seize up. I didn’t suffer the  agony that follows its seizing up that I’ve been through before in order to cross the finish line. I’m just going to have to accept that I’m getting old and have to take it easier! The more relaxed pace allows me more time to take some photos too. All with my Samsung Galaxy S2 phone – click here to see them.




Taking along my cell phone isn’t just handy for snapping shots along the route. Since January I’ve been using an app called RunKeeper. There’s a whole load of apps that have followed in Nike+ footsteps to help you record your runs. I like RunKeeper for a few reasons. It’s free. It’s dead easy to use. It’s got a slick and attractive interface. See the screenshot below.

It’s not just nice to be able to record your route on a map thanks to the GPS. It’s motivating. I can look back at a whole stream of data to see where I’ve been running, how fast or how many calories I’ve burned. I can tell it whether I’m running, walking or cycling. Probably other stuff too. Best of all, it’s just plain fun. There is an upgrade option, for $20. Having stated previously that one of the things I like about it is that it’s free, I think I might indulge myself and spend some of yesterdays winnings on that upgrade. Not just to get the upgrade, but because if I really like and value something, I don’t mind contributing financially. It’s a perfect example as to how the freemium business model can work.



4 thoughts on “The Bournemouth Bay Run

  1. Quote: “but because if I really like and value something, I don’t mind contributing financially.”…..agreed. which is why eventually I would have caved to your April Fools joke.
    In my world, i have to pinch myself that GoogleSketchUp is free.

    Mrs’ P is looking especially fit!


    • I’d not heard of Google Sketch Up. I’ve had a look – it seems to be one complicated and powerful tool. Very Google. I hope it doesn’t turn out to be the other type of ‘very Google’ though. As in, shut down. I’m very disappointed with their decision to close Google Reader.

      You’d have paid ten bucks too? Shucks. Maybe I should’ve run that post on April 2nd and meant it… 🙂


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