London 1927

A few years ago I posted some old colour videos of Mexico City in the 1940s and 1950s. They were fascinating glimpses into the past of the city, and the colour reproduction just made them so much more…je ne sais pas quoi. But you probably know what I mean. I haven’t ever posted any videos of London. Partly because there isn’t an awful lot available in colour. Partly because there something of a proliferation of London videos. Partly because London, when colour film became more common, was a bombed out war zone.

A few days ago a friend emailed me a link to an old London video that’s somewhat unique. It’s old. Real old. As the title of the post suggests, it’s 1927 old. But it is colour film. All of the most famous sites are covered. It’s an awesome video. Fancy a trip back to 1927? Here we go then. Check out just how filthy all those monuments and buildings are though!


6 thoughts on “London 1927

  1. richmont1234 says:

    Wow! What an excellent film! Did not know something of this quality existed. And the process I get to know a little about London of that time period. Thanks for sharing.


  2. i watched every second of this video, but all the while thinking of the horrors of the war to come. and the one that had been recently lived thru by this city.
    couldn’t shake it.


    • I was thinking something very similar when the Cenotaph was shown. I did think, ‘if only you knew what’s round the corner’.

      The monument, unbeknownst to the visitors there, that monument is about to collect a whole bunch of new souls to remember.


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