Talk To Me

WordPress.com saved me from too much tinkering and messing with unnecessary widgets. It’s hardly a cut price/feature free platform. But it’s really for those who want to concentrate on content, not adding glitter around the content.  Now, over here on this blog, self hosted with a WordPress.org installation, I can tinker. There’s so many options. Let’s start with commenting platforms. Which to choose? Stay with vanilla WordPress? Disqus? Google+’s shiny new comments? Facebook?

Lo and behold I found a widget that’ll do all of them. At once. I don’t want to trap anyone into a comment system they don’t like. I’ll have no fences and gatekeepers around these parts. So take your pick. Comment however you want. Just keep it clean. Ish. Meh. But I’d prefer you used the Google comments. Why? I’ve declared defeat. I’m jumping onto the Google ship, lock stock and two smoking barrels.


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