Bristol is famous for many things. It’s most recent claim to fame is the international graffiti artist Banksy. He may indeed be a vandal. Much of his work, certainly in the early days, may have been criminal damage. But art is art, and Banksy produces some of the 21st century’s finest, most thoughtful and imaginative art. A lot of his Bristol stuff is gone, but there are still some of his masterpieces to go see. I highly recommend the Banksy Bristol Tour app on Android (I believe there’s an iPhone app too) which tells you his story and shows you what can be seen and where. It’s free too! His best Bristol work? In my opinion…the one in the image below.

You may have noticed that I didn’t post so many images to Flickr of my trip to Bristol. That’s because I mostly used my HTC One, and uploaded the results to Google+. Click here to go see them. And if you’re interested in my HTC One Camera review, click here.


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