Where has Snapseed been hiding all my life? I knew of it’s iPhone app, but hadn’t realised till a couple of days ago that they had released the Android app back in December. Snapseed was a product of Nik Software, a company whose products I have used as Adobe Lightroom plugins for years. When Google bought Nik, I was distraught. Well, as distraught as one can be over a piece of software. Google have a reputation of buying and trashing/discontinuing excellent products. So when they snap up one of your faves…yeah. Not joyous news.

However, I haven’t used Nik’s Silver Efx in yonks. Not since I discovered the joys of downloadable presets for Lightroom. But I am going to use Snapssed on my HTC. A lot. It became my favourite image editing app within seconds of my trying it out. The range of effects is as expansive as I need. The UI is great. But it’s the ease of use that really stands out. Swipe a finger up or down the screen to select what you want to adjust. Then swipe a finger left to right to select the strength of that setting. It’s a joy to use.

The photo below is of Bournemouth Pier, and there are a few more in a Snapseed Album that you can see by clicking here. Want the app on Android? Click here. Want to know more about Snapseed? Click here.



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