HTC One Video Sample

I’ve been snapping so many photos with my HTC One, that I’d almost forgotten to try out its video recording capabilities. I show just a few clips, and joined them together in YouTube’s editor. That editor has come along way in the last year, by the by.

A mobile phone is never going to produce the same sort of quality, photos or videos, as a dedicated compact camera. All I want is a reasonably clear image, decent resolution, realistic colour reproduction and for the sound to be audible. The One does all this, and actually bettered my expectations. Its ability to handle the low light and high contrast in the cafe scene was particularly admirable.

I guess the best way I can describe my thoughts on its video shooting talents, is to say I look forward to using it plenty. That’s not something I’ve even said about the video on a phone before. Theres’ no need to comment on how dull the actual content of the video is by the way! But if you’re interested in the location….welcome to the market town of Ringwood in Hampshire, UK.


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