Crowning Glory

There are two things that bind this country together. Today is a big day for both of them. The first, is football. It’s the national game. The national religion even. Wembley Stadium is our heaven. The World Cup our nirvana. Tonight, England are playing Brasil, in Brasil. The occasion? The reopening of the reconstructed Maracana stadium, which has had a major face lift in preparation for the hosting of next years World Cup.

Isn’t it nice that England is still considered a prestigious enough team that the greatest team of them all would want us to help reopen their treasured arena? It’s probably also a plus point that we are so appalling that we can be almost guaranteed not to spoil their party by winning. We don’t often win in Brasil. If our great teams couldn’t do it, what hope our current lot? We did beat them once though. Back in 1984. With one of, if not the, greatest goal ever scored by an Englishman. What a shame that the next generation couldn’t follow their example.

The second thing? The Royal Family. The Queen in particular. We all love the Queen. And why not? After all, it’s a pretty heartless soul that can build up a sense of hatred for a silver haired old granny. I’ve never met the Queen, but I did see her once. In 2011, when she gallivanted past in a stylish carriage on her way to see Wills and Kate tie the knot. I got the photo. Just about…that’s it below.

Let’s hope the next generation of royals do follow her example. Or we might all too soon be adopting the style, the United Republics of Great Britain. Unless the Scots do the off. Then we can be the Disunited Quasi Bunch of States Off The North Western Tip of Europe. But for now, the Royal Family is in good hands, and has been for decades. Today is the 60th anniversary of the Queen’s coronation. In a couple more years, she’ll become the longest reigning UK  monarch ever. And seven years after that, we’ll be back for the next jubilee. Platinum, I think…



4 thoughts on “Crowning Glory

    • When the queen dies, perhaps Charles could be named King of Sussex — reviving one of those good old Saxon titles. The rump of England — assuming Scotland wanders off into socialist nationalism and Wales takes a similar walk about — could then be ruled from Selsey as an unsceptered isle (or partial isle). Or, the republican English could simply become the 51st state.


      • Or he could become King of Wessex, which not only sounds better, but could have his beloved Poundberry as the capital.

        Alternatively, England could become the 51st state of a newly restored monarchical system in the United Kingdom of America 🙂


    • You dastardly republican you! Let’s see if I can sell her to you in a different way….

      Same as a president, but without the stress, cost and political bickering of an election every four years. Doesn’t she seem better now? 🙂


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