Dear Instagram

I’ve gotten over my tantrum from the User Agreement changes. I’ll live with the terms. So I’m using Instagram more often again. I’ve even added my account to my blog in a tab. But I have a new complaint. I don’t want to close off my photo to just my contacts. I prefer to make them publicly available. But I do get sick of the likes and comments from the multitude of spammers who’ve jumped to Instagram to spread their crap.

Can we have some better tools to keep the spammers out please? There’s a multitude of ways to do this. For example, you can implement a button that users can activate to allow comments and likes only from people who have a certain number of photos uploaded and who have not had a certain number of comments marked as spam in a certain period of time. Or implement a Moderate feature, as WordPress do. So new commenters/likers are held awaiting approval before their comments go live. Please sort it.


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