I’m not the biggest fan of live performances. Why would someone want to travel miles away to listen to a musician perform from a stage so far away he/she/they look like ants. Let’s not get started on the audio quality. And of course the most noise you’ll hear comes from the crowd. If I wanted to hear tone deaf wannabes sing, I’d go to a karaoke. Not all live performances are like this, but sadly all too many (by musicians I actually like) are stadium based. Give me my home stereo to listen to instead, thanks.

Shows put on in smaller arenas are a different matter. I love Teatro Metropolitan in Mexico City. I saw a fantastic show by Jamie Cullum there. Foro Sol is a bit bigger, but still – I went to see Roger Waters there. That was a fantastic show. I came across one of his shows again on YouTube recently. This one was in London. I would have loved to have gone to this show, on this night. I may have posted it before. But it’s worth posting again. It may be in a large arena which I’ve just slated. But there’s an exception to every rule.

I am not a fan of the X Factor / Pop Idol style shows either. Manufactured crap, all of it. Britain’s Got Talent does at least allow a diversity of acts to make it a little more interesting. But I’m still not a fan. This years winner were a silhouette group, Attraction. They were fantastic. Really fantastic. They are another exception to the rule. There was a slight irony / controversy to their victory. They’re from Hungary. Britain’s Hungary’s Got Talent, it turns out. There’s an exception to every rule. But you can’t knock the theme. Integration is everything, right?!


5 thoughts on “Exceptional

  1. For me a lot of the time, it’s the atmosphere that makes a live show worthwhile. I couldn’t have been further away from Take That on their reunion arena tour (both in the Manchester Evening News Arena AND in the then called City of Manchester Stadium), but I was the happiest girl in the world, fact. 🙂 In March I saw Blur in Plaza Condesa, a very intimate gig and it was probably one of the best live shows I have ever been to.


    • I read about the Blur show in Condesa – a couple of friends went to it. I was very, very jealous. One of my favourite bands in one of my fave cities. And I missed it… 😦


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