Mountains of Mexico

The last couple of days I’ve seen a lot of videos on Facebook featuring Popocatapetl, the active volcano within spitting distance of Mexico City. It’s exploding. Big style. Again. Mexican mountains have been cropping up into conversation all over the place lately. I recently bumped into a blog where a Brit is on a mission to summit the main peaks surrounding Mexico City.

And I stumbled across this audio/photo slideshow by another Brit who I had the pleasure of meeting in Mexico when he came to do some climbing. He bought me a pair of decent climbing boots from the UK – you may remember the story if you’ve been lingering around here long enough. And have a peculiarly good memory…

I have fond memories of climbing Ajusco, the Nevado de Toluca (twice each) and Iztaccihuatl. They are all magnificent mountains in their own right, with their own dangers. It’s exposed on Izta, so if you’re caught in bad weather you can be in trouble. The last peak of the Nevado is decidedly dodgy. And Ajusco is known to have armed bandits waiting for you at the top, ready to lighten your load for your descent…! My favourite of the three though, quite easily, was Izta. It just feels like a real mountain. Like the ones in the movies. Here’s a video I found on YouTube, for those of you who are too old/unfit/far away/lazy to do it yourself…




5 thoughts on “Mountains of Mexico

  1. I would LOVE to climb popo! Been watching videos on youtube of people who made it up before it started errupting and it looks amazing! Can’t wait to hit Izta now. I feel a bit more prepared after all your tips!


  2. Been hearing rumbling! No not from the volcano but from the news media reporting on it. Just hope that this does not result in our house shaking in the near future. Great pictures and graphics. So are you gonna be climbing any Mexican mountains in the near future?


  3. Kim G says:

    Cool videos. I’m annoyed F didn’t tell me that Popo was erupting. He has a view of it from his living room, and the sun rises over it every morning. Lovely view.

    Some day, I’m hoping that when you’re there and I’m there we can hike up one of those mountains together. Preferably not Ajusco, as I’m not keen on being mugged.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we wonder if Popo could ever get serious enough to threaten DF.


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