Lost and Found

To continue the theme of days gone by. While digging through my old sets on Flickr, I discovered (re-remembered) that there’s quite a few old albums with small image sizes. Just 640 pixels or 500 pixels wide, instead of the 2048 original width. Thailand, Sri Lanka and Central America. So I dug further into my stack of old CDs. Hurrah! The former two are there, and have already been imported ready for processing.

Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama, alas….the original digital images are lost. Or are they? I dug around under the bed. In the olden days of yore, I had this habit – terribly old fashioned nowadays – of printing out my photos. And I printed them out big. On A4 or A3 premium photographic paper. And I always invested in pretty decent printers, so the quality really isn’t bad. Sadly, I don’t have an A3 scanner, but the A4 images are all salvageable.

But I found something else in the CDs too. One of them was labelled ‘websites’. I stuck it in the tray and opened up the folders. All of my original websites were there. What’s more, when opened up in Chrome, they all still worked perfectly. I have no intention of uploading any of them again. A few screenshots will do.

The oldest, and original ‘edition’ of garydenness.com is the one with a black background and the little photos in the banner. This is, I guess, as original as can be. I see a couple of photos from Mexico there, and they were obviously put there after my Mexico trip ended. The white and green one? A separate site specifically for my six week Central America adventure. It even contains all the blog posts I wrote from that trip. They’ve been long lost, a gap in my current blog. I just read them. Meh. They can stay lost.

The red background site didn’t last long, and was replaced with the last remaining screenshot. That was built in Flash and was the most advanced site I ever built. It was pretty funky. But it didn’t last long either. But this trip down memory lane brought back another memory. I don’t have a copy of the site that followed on from these.  That site was the one I designed when I went to Mexico.

I bought a special domain for it, azteca.co.uk. I wish I owned that domain now, but someone else has it, and is just sitting on it. Alas, I lost that site, and a lot of photos from those first few months in Mexico in a hard drive failure. They’re not even on the Wayback Machine.


6 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Your post reminds me that I have nothing to remember my earlier iterations of my blog. I still have all the posts. But none of the original format. And it may be time for a facelift in Blogger.


  2. Andean says:

    Are we going to see any of these new found photos?
    And what happened to the New York photos you mentioned on your Mexico Revisited blog. 🙂


  3. Kim G says:

    I’m impressed you’ve got so much old stuff and that you’ve been blogging that long.


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where every one of these recent posts makes me feel vaguely guilty (? or something?) for not writing a blog.


    • I’ve got the vast majority of blog headers I’ve ever designed saved across different places. I am a digital hoarder.

      A little action on the blog front will soon ease the guilt. Begads, you have a huge audience waiting for you…what do you need to get started?!

      Have you got a name/domain thought out yet? That’s as good as any place to start…


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