Riding the London Underground

Do you remember when I rode the entire Mexico City metro system in just over 10 hours? And, by virtue of being the only idiot who bothered to try, set a completely unofficial world record time? Hey, it was an entertaining day out. I might do it again one day, seeing as there is now a new line operating.

I’m not the only person who does this sort of thing. I came across one of the latest challengers on the London Underground network – he had linked to my old Mexico City Metro Marathon blog and listed me a world record holder. At last…some for of recognition!

It seems only fitting that I pony up a fiver and sponsor him on his effort. He has a nice little bait to hook a few sponsors. He’s listed every station on the network, and anyone donating £5 can ‘sponsor a station’. Neat idea. Why didn’t I think of that? Maybe next time…

So which station to sponsor? I’ve done quite some mileage on the Underground. I’ve probably been through most stations, but not all. But some have more meaning to me than others. Perivale? I was born there. But I couldn’t tell you what it looks like – I don’t think I’ve ever stopped there. I bet it’s pretty bland and run of the mill. There are better candidates.

Northwood was my home station was a couple of decades. As a kid, I think I jumped every wall along the platforms to avoid paying my fare! Naughty, I know! I’ve spent a lot of time at Baker Street, changing trains, and that is one of my favourites. But they’ve both been spoken for already. Balham? I lived and worked there for a couple of years. It’s a gritty Northern Line station, with a tragic story from WW2 when a bomb and bus combined to flood the platforms and kill more than 60 people sheltering from an air raid.

But no, not Balham. My favourite station on the entire network is Gloucester Road. And, happy days, that is still available. I worked in a conveneince store on Gloucester Road from a couple of years. The station is a golden oldie, with a traditional red tiled entrance and one of the more colourful platforms on the Circle Line.

The station is in South Kensington, my favourite part of London. Mrs P and I have used it often on our travels up to the city. It brings back so many memories, being there. All good ones. So I have dug deep in my pockets and hopefully my name (or this website) will be proudly displayed next to Gloucester Road station shortly.

I know there are one or two metro fans who pass by my blog. Have you got a favourite station? Perhaps you can donate too….he’s almighty close to his target! Let me know what station you chose if you do go for it! Below is a little gallery of Underground shots, including a few of Gloucester Road.


6 thoughts on “Riding the London Underground

  1. Great shots. I’m also a fan of Gloucester Road – it’s a marker that I’m closing in on home (Hammersmith). Why I haven’t managed to take my camera on a Tube jaunt yet is anyone’s guess…


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