Instagram Video Embedding

Instagram is embracing the desktop. Which is a great move. A very smart move, in fact. Whilst sharing with friends can be a mobile only pursuit, we all want our videos to get a bit more exposure. Instagram proved itself a couple of years ago with Hurricane Sandy, when photos taken by users ended up in print and on major digital publishers.

That sort of content is still produced on desktops, so anything that makes it easier to share photos and videos across multiple platforms is a good thing. It’s a good thing for me too. My blogs are produced solely on a laptop, and the ability to grab my Instagram videos and publish them with a simple piece of provided code is great. Not that I have many videos on Instagram. Just a couple. But now I have the motivation to shoot more.

The one below features a Lifeguard helicopter coming to rescue an idiot on a Bournemouth beach who though it’d be a good idea to dive head first into a couple of inches of water.


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