Sony Cyber Shot RX1R

My latest Camera Lust post. Actually, it’s just my second Camera Lust post. And also a second post about a Sony camera. The object of my Camera Lust posts is to introduce the pieces of kit I really like. The ones I would buy, if I were buying at that moment. I intend to have a current camera in each of six categories. Travel Zoom, Compact, Bridge, Compact System and DSLR. That leaves one last category. The Money No Object category. The subject of today’s post fits that bill perfectly.

The Sony RX1R is the successor to the RX1. To call this a high end compact is something of an understatement. For your money, you get a 24 megapixel 35mm full frame sensor. That’s a big sensor. Bigger than in many DSLRs. The lens is a fixed f2.0 piece of Carl Zeiss glass. All this is packed into a small compact body that could, at a squeeze, slip into a pocket. Seriously impressive specs, huh? So how much of your money do you have to part with for this beauty? An eye watering £2,600. Getting on for US$4,000, although I’m sure the sale price on the west side of the Atlantic will be a bit lower.

You can check out the capabilities of the original RX1 in this Flickr group, and read a review of the updated model on Photography Blog, Steve Huff, Imaging Resource and DPReview. It’s not, sadly, a camera I will ever own. It’s priced way beyong my means. Which makes me a little sad. There is probably, if money were no object, no camera on Earth I’d rather own.

Photo courtesy of Kittinan Hiranwong



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