Mashable published a set of photos from the 1969 moon landings, worked through Instagram filters. You really should check them out. I’ve posted just a taster of four of the twelve images.

A couple of thoughts sprang to mind. Firstly, what a cool idea! I might find a few old photos and give them the Instagram treatment myself. My initial thought was of Kennedy photos. It’ll be 50 years since Dallas in just a few months. But then I thought, heck the Abraham Zapruder film already looks like an Instagram job! Heck, the camera maker should sue…

Secondly, how cool would a 21st century moon (or Mars) landing be with modern camera technology. The shots we get of Mars from the rovers there is mind blowing. Adding a human touch to it would be fantastic. The astronauts could still send some back via Instagram. Course, they would be Astrograms. Unless the photographer was a Russian, in which case they’d be Cosmograms.


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