I’ve played with a few different commenting systems on this blog. I may finally be ready to settle on one I like. Things kicked off with the standard WordPress comments that are built in. A solid system, but it’s a little bit vanilla. I switched to Disqus almost immediately. I like Disqus and have used it on various blogs for years. But Disqus really didn’t seem to like the theme I’m using. Or there was some other issue. I switched it off quickly. It simply didn’t work.

Next up was Comments Evolved, previously known as Google+ Comments. It was slick, good looking, integrated with Google+ like a dream, and allowed users to sign in using Google, Disqus, WordPress or Facebook. One flaw – it separated all those comments into four different conversations. That’s a pretty big flaw. But I put up with it.


I’ve now installed Livefyre. It’s one of the more recent entries into the commenting platform world. I like: slick look, the ability to sign in using Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Open ID or just as an anonymous guest, the editing box to allow commenters to easily add bold, links, images etc., the @ to bring people into the conversation, the easy Follow button and the SocialSync facility to ensure any comments made about a post in Facebook or Twitter are brought into the original post.

I don’t like that you can’t sign in using WordPress. Or Disqus. But especially WordPress. The SocialSync needs to be made way easier to implement. The Admin Dashboard is messy. But the pros outweigh the cons. Give it a test drive…


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