Untitled By Default

My favourite photo sharing website is 500px. It’s slick, but not devoid of a few faults. One real bug bear currently is that the site doesn’t pick up the file name, usually something bland like DSCF1637, and use this as the title of the photo. Instead, all my photos are title ‘Untitled’. As demonstrated in the image below. Perhaps there is a way of changing this, but I have not found it. I shouldn’t have to look. That should be the default.

Once upon a time I named every photo I took. I used the titles of famous songs, or books, or street names or just random names. I used anything and everything that came to mind. But I often upload dozens, sometimes hundreds, of photos. And naming them is such a chore. So I gave up. Flickr used the photo’s file name as the title, and I settled for that.

What I would love is for a site like 500px, or a Lightroom plugin, to analyze my photos and automatically assign them names. Sure, they’d need a huge database of names. And the software to match appropriate names to each photo would need to be clever. But surely it could be done. I have had a look online to see if a third party name generator type program exists. Nada. Nothing. Zilch. Which is disappointing. Let’s just say that this is now my number feature request.


2 thoughts on “Untitled By Default

  1. Andean says:

    “Once upon a time” I also learned to name my photos. And the ones that are labeled are so easy to find. The rest now, have become a chore. I second your “feature request”…

    And, living is learning.


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