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Microsoft have gone the opposite route to Google in at least one aspect. Microsoft makes beautiful. Whereas Google has a long standing habit of creating ugly. Aestetics do matter. Although they don’t, as the Redmond giant has found to it’s cost, matter more than functionality. One of the ironies of Google’s inability to produce visually polished products (and I’m aware there are exceptions, Maps being a key one), is that they look rather….Windows 95ish.

I don’t use Bing to search much. But I do like to check out the homepage. It hosts some awesome imagery. And 500px, my favourite photo site in case you don’t know, has teamed up with them. In the Organizr section of 500px, you can submit your photos for consideration to be displayed on Bing. I’ve added a few of mine to the pool. I have minimal expectations of being successful. As ever, the pessimist. But still, one can but try…


4 thoughts on “Bing via 500px

  1. Kim G says:

    Is that header shot of the Monumento de la Revolución that day we went out together? Amazing shot! Looks like you added some additional color?


    Kim G
    Boston, MA
    Where we’ve been busily installing a bunch of photo-related apps onto our laptop that we’d forgotten we had. Photomatix, calibration software, and a few other goodies.


    • No colour added….have you not been to see it all lit up at night time?? I took a trip up one evening, either a couple of days before or after our walk around the monument. Actually, I took quite a few trips up there to check out the work as it progressed. There’s some photos of our day up there in this set…

      Watch Like A Hawk


        • After your first comment I went off to find a better way of displaying the gallery of snaps. There was….Jetpack. As a WordPress.commer and not a WordPress.orger, you need not worry about these things! Jetpack just allows me to do stuff on the self hosted site that I can do on the WP sites.


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